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    Renewal Fees

    18-04-2019, 05:15 AM
    Renewal Fees
    I signed up to get an agent to find a tenant, I stated that I would not need help with renewal etc. However, buried in the contract there is a clause that I did not see(my fault). My tenants want to renew and the agent wants 150 pounds to renew! The contract is staying the same, they just have to change the dates. It seems crazy. The tenants and I have been in contact and have a good relationship.They also believe it is a scam. What we have agreed on is that we will terminate the agreement, their deposit will be returned then we will sign a new contract and I will register the deposit. Are there any pitfalls of doing this?

    Yes. You could have just let the tenancy go into periodic/rolling contract.

    The problem is you will also find other clauses about the agnet reserving the right to continue charging whilst the tenant they found is in residence. You won't be able to simply cut them out.

    Tell the agent you don't want a new contract, jst to let the tenancy roll on!


      was this "tenant find only" or an on-going relationship with agent?

      Who holds/protected the deposit?


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        I’m new to this site/forum so apologies in advance if this question has been asked before.
        i own my current property 100% and it’s on a personal mortgage. Now I want to move from the property due to personal reasons and want to let it out. I want to do BTL via company...
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        If you don't want to break the existing mortgage loan, then you certainly cannot move to a new BTL mortgage....
        24-05-2019, 12:15 PM
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        hi i have recently sold a rental property and have been working out my tax liability for the GCT which works out at 2,500 tax to pay and im a non tax payer and this just takes me over the threshold - ok for tax credits pruposed do i need to declare the captial gain as its a capital gain and not income...
        17-05-2019, 14:29 PM
      • Reply to Capital gains tax and tax credits
        For any owner occupied property ( and never rented out ) , there is no tax to pay on the capital gain.
        24-05-2019, 12:05 PM
      • Question Re the 3% BTL SDLT Premium
        Hi All

        Both myself and my wife each have a number of BTL props in our sole names.

        We also jointly own our marital home.

        We want to move house to something bigger, and have been advised that the 3% SDLT Penalty will sting us on the new purchase even though it is...
        22-05-2019, 18:14 PM
      • Reply to Question Re the 3% BTL SDLT Premium
        If you buy a new home before you have sold the present home, you should expect to pay the extra 3% sdlt.

        But current rules, you are given 36 months grace period to sell the old home and claim back the extra 3% paid on the new home
        24-05-2019, 11:59 AM
      • Higher tax bracket
        I will be a brand new landlord soon and wasn't sure if what I'm doing is correct (best for tax reasons)

        I have two properties

        1) Bought Feb 2017 (£185,000 24% equity) residential for me to live in
        2) Bought May 2019 (£150,000 25% equity) buy to let

        21-05-2019, 15:10 PM
      • Reply to Higher tax bracket
        At present , you have one residential property which is your home and no rental income to report.

        You have just bought a BTL in May 2019 ( this month) so you will be reporting the rental profit ( 2019-2020 ) some time during April - Oct next year . Submit a tax return your self or...
        24-05-2019, 11:52 AM
      • Reply to Higher tax bracket
        Thanks for the info guys. I guess speaking with an accountant is the next step. Have any of you used anyone from Manchester that you would recommend?
        23-05-2019, 11:04 AM
      • Reply to Question Re the 3% BTL SDLT Premium
        Thanks. Yes we are selling our main residence and buying another. So that's good news, thank you.
        23-05-2019, 10:29 AM