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    Wife's tax liability

    I know variations on this question have been asked before, so will keep it brief.
    We jointly own a rental. My share of income needs declaring on tax return, no question.
    But my wife has no other income.
    Does she need to declare it, as it's well below her allowance. I've read that anything over £2500 has to be declared, is this the case?
    Does declare mean a full tax return or just a letter to HMRC?

    Just get her to register with HMRC for Self Assessment, she still needs to declare it.


      Your wife should tell HMRC about her new source of income.
      They will decide how she needs to report her income - it may be a self assessment return or it may be less formal.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        Many thanks, have taken the self assessment route. It's a fairly simple process for such limited income declaration.


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          There are a number of different types of trust.

          One that owns property usually has to be formally recorded with HMRC as a separate entity and has to submit its own tax return annually.
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          Thank you, that provides more clarity - appreciate it. I will review my lease and come back with further info.

          Many thanks
          20-03-2019, 14:12 PM
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          With a normal lease, the money would not appear on the company balance sheet, so would not be visible to Companies House. It would be held under a statutory trust (L&T 1978 s42) and any interest would be taxed at discretionary trust rates (currently nil where the the tax would otherwise be less...
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          Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.

          Let me correct myself when I say nominal - that number is calculated based on long terms works that need doing on the property (painting in the communal areas), and ongoing maintenance (gardener, cleaner - for communal areas). We never keep...
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          There is no such law or rule in general (for example with a DoT giving beneficial ownership to my child).

          Indeed such a rule would make no sense since one can have only four trustees, but many more owners than that. The ruling relates to ownership (which the DoT is). What is the case is...
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          I think you have rather more problems than just tax!

          You cannot charge a nominal service charge. The service charge needs to be based on realistic estimates of the cost of doing those things that the the lease requires the freeholder to do, and under and overestimates should be corrected...
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