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    Claiming expenses

    Im doing a 'clean up' after a tenant has left. we are going down in a relatives car and getting train back (2people staying over one going back )
    i am also purchasing a whole load of cleaning stuff
    I have told the family member driver i will pay for petrol and im purchasing train tickets for the return for the 2 people
    1. Can i claim the petrol money and the train tickets as expenses? train is 21 pound each person - petrol is 30
    2. Can i also claim the cleaning things on my tax return.?
    3. I have also said i will buy them lunch for helping , can i claim this too ?

    I dont live near the property it is a long way and i dont drive myslef and dont have a car
    Im guessing I can as we have in the past paid a guy to clean carpets and and sent a clean team

    i think my cleaning things on their own will be at least 20 pounds -

    AFAIK the LL alone can claim 40p/ml + 1 night in a budget hotel/B+B.on Tax Return.
    Reasonable cost of cleaning materials should not be a problem.
    Recalculate your expected return vs promises made.


      Probably better in the tax forum.

      Mileage and cleaning products can be claimed of course. I’m not sure about train tickets though...


        The incurred cost of "clean up" can be charged as expenses against your rental property income and includes :

        1. Mileage allowance for petrol + car operating expenses ( road tax + insurance etc calculated at 45p per mile.) plus train tickets .

        2. Cost of cleaning materials . Don't forget the silicone bath sealant for filling gap between bath and wall.

        3. Actual cost of meals taken ( keep the receipts ) up to limit of £15/day if the time away from home is over 15 hours.


          Originally posted by mariner View Post
          AFAIK the LL alone can claim 40p/ml + 1 night in a budget hotel/B+B.on Tax Return.
          45p per mile + 5p per passenger.
          I stay and claim for a 4 star hotel for however long it takes.


            Originally posted by Gordon999 View Post

            3. Actual cost of meals taken up to limit of £15/day
            Where do you get £15/day from? I thought it was the 'reasonable' actual costs not 'frugal' costs.


              I saw the figure of "£5 for meal allowance" quoted in HMRC Bulletin. But I think I may be mistaken because it showed a HMRC rate for companies paying their employees for meals taken during work beyond normal work hours.

              In Alice123's situation, the expenses are incurred by persons travelling to do "unpaid work" at a BTL property.

              So if Alice decides the expenses are reasonably incurred to bring the property back to good service condition before next tenant moves in , then those costs can be charged against the rental income.


                The HMRC position is that people eat whether or not they are working. The allowances are intended to cover the excess costs due to not being able to do home cooking, although they are actually generous, in that nothing is taken off for the nominal cost of the home prepared food.


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