If I move back into my BTL can I PPR for the last 30 years??

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    If I move back into my BTL can I PPR for the last 30 years??

    Hi I hope this forum can help for my CGT/PPR problem,

    I bought House A with my wife in 1987 for £82000 and lived there as my PPR until 2000.
    I bought House B (my current property) in 2000 for £230000.
    I let House A from 2000 to present as a BTL.
    I have a repayment mortgage on each of £50000
    House A is currently worth circa £600,000
    House B is currently worth circa £900,000


    If I sell my current PPR (House B) and move back into House A for say a year and treat it as my PPR (Including Nominating with HMRC, electoral roll, utilities in in my name etc) and then sell it does my PPR cover me for no tax on the House A??

    I am obviously looking to minimise my CGT liability over bot house whilst liquidating my portfolio

    If you have £600K in capital gains , you should be consulting a qualified tax accountant and not be misled by forum comment which may not be correct.

    You can only claim ONE property as your main residence at any time.

    If you claim House B is your main residence from 2000 -2018, you cannot claim House A as your residence during 2000-2018 period .


      You can't have the house as your PPR when it is not your PPR. So no.

      You have lived there for about 45% of the time -- so that will cut the taxable gain by about a half, and there will be various exemptions.


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        CGT is only 18% (28 If you earn a lot). You still get 82% of any increase in value.
        Plus the rental income.
        18-07-2018, 07:00 AM
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        If you quote some details : we can work out roughly the cgt.

        When you bought the property and the price paid
        Dates when you lived in the property.
        Market value now .
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        Thank you very much for your response - I appreciate any assistance.
        The only trouble is that there are two companies involved (I should have mentioned this previously!)
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        I'd leave the money in the company, and relieve the directors of paying service charge until such time as the cash is depleted.
        17-07-2018, 15:43 PM
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        Be thankful there is an increase to pay CGT on.

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        Thanks. We acted as a limited company in order to process the lease extension. The limited company comprises the three freeholders..
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      • Reply to Lease Extension Subject to Taxation?
        Was the lease bought in your personal names or in a limited company?
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