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    need for an accountant

    Just a quick ask - is their a bit of a rule of when to appoint an accountant - i spoke to one who was going to charge £250 a year yet my tax return was less than this. However as things are progressing i was wondering when would be best time to appoint one. My return initially appears quite straight forward in so much as i declare my profit minus my expenses. Im soon to have 6 properties. which will generate an additional income to my day job which is PAYE.

    I have made mistakes in teh past re self assessment which where genuine enough and not catastrophic. I will not be seeking to run an business re the letting of these properties i will be i assume a sole trader, Yet would the advice be to start looking at this venture as a business from the very beginning. My mortgage adviser suggests it would cost to register the properties in a business as apposed to solely in my name.

    any advice welcome.

    You may want to include a decent chat with your accountant as part of the fee - I meet up with mine every year and walk through the business and any changes that might make sense.

    Whether you run your businesses as a company or as an individual is an important one, I would run my businesses as a company if starting now, for example, which was not the case when I actually did start out, but the transition cost would wipe out the benefit of change.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      so could i run my current portfolio of properties as an individual and future purchases as a potential business. I definitely need an accountant.


        If you are already paying 40% rate tax on your income , the fee of £250 quoted by one accountant is actually costing you only £150 p.a


          it won't actually cost you anything if you put it down as an allowable expense and your tax bill comes to more than that in any case.


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            First off appologies for joining and going straight in with a question. I promise i will try my best to positively contribute in the future.

            My wife and i are in the process of remortging our home as a BTL and purchasing a new home to live in. The BTL is in my wife's...
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            Landlords are easy to tax, no one likes us.

            It is anti-marriage though, which is usually a bad look in politics.
            25-08-2019, 09:03 AM
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            That's just mean! He may get stung twice then. He's going to get hit with 3% buying a new family home and then get hit again if he goes half on the BTL.
            24-08-2019, 21:54 PM
            I am looking for some advice on the new rules regarding ppr and lettings relief due to come into being in 2020.

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          • Help me understand my tax bill please

            To give a quick background summary:
            I have a rental property. It is my old house that I rented out when I moved to another area due to my work.
            I was working as a sole trader so did my income and rental taxes together which probably disguised what I'm seeing now.
            24-08-2019, 15:57 PM
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            As above - your profit is £5400 - so you are not paying more tax than your profit.

            No tax paid is not an allowable expense! For CGT or anything else .....

            We presume you are a higher rate tax payer in your main job -- or the rental income of £5400 is making you higher ra...
            24-08-2019, 19:03 PM
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            Thanks Leaseholder, I understand that capital payments have never been allowable. I know it sounds naive, but when I was paying my sole trader tax I never really saw the impact of the rental income tax. I guess I'm just looking for some confirmation of what I am seeing, does it seem right - Paying more...
            24-08-2019, 18:30 PM
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            The mortgage capital repayments have never been allowable against income tax. they are represent part of the acquisition cost,which is allowable against capital gains tax.
            24-08-2019, 18:14 PM
          • Trading allowance and my tax bill
            My two sons look after my properties whilst I am on holiday.
            If I make a payement to each of them of £1000 each for this service can I declare this as an expense on my tax return?
            In addition can they take the money and not declare it under the trader's allowance.............
            01-08-2019, 14:25 PM
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            The trading allowance applies only to self-employed persons :


            You can pay your sons for providing "holiday cover service" but the sons would have to declared the payments as part of their...
            24-08-2019, 15:58 PM