Query about new windows and new boiler

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    Query about new windows and new boiler

    Hi there,

    My wife and I have one property that we rent out.

    In 2017 we had to spend quite a bit of money on it. We replaced some old single glazed windows. And we also replaced the old back boiler fire with a new one plus a new combi boiler as the old one had failed and needed replacing.

    Would i be able to claim for these on my self assessment form and if so where abouts on the form would they go - would it be 'Property repairs and maintenance'? Or 'Other allowable propery expenses'? Or do I deal with it in another way?

    Many thanks in advance,


    Yes, you should be able to claim these under repairs and maintenance on your self assessment, assuming that the replacements were more or less like for like, (allowing that old single glazed windows will always be replaced by double glazed).


      Hiya DPT57,

      Thanks very much for the response, much appreciated.

      Whilst entering the info, as we spent money on the boiler and windows as mentioned it reduced our profit considerably and this was flagged when I was working through the form.

      Is it worth mentioning anything on the part of the form where I can type in extra info. Just concerned as it was flagged.

      Thanks again,



        as it seems to be a straightforward business expense there should be no reason to add anything. If you do add something, it might draw more attention to it than if you don't.


          replaced a back boiler fire with a new one AND a combi boiler? is that two boilers or just a new front fire for the old one? why would you have a combi boiler AND conventional boiler?


            We replaced the back boiler fire (with a new fire) and the back boiler (with a combi boiler located elsewhere) as they were ancient and failing. Two boilers would be excessive :-)


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