VAT on professional fees - commercial to residential planning application

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    VAT on professional fees - commercial to residential planning application

    Evening all,

    We have recently submitted a planning application to convert a small commercial unit in a couple of new apartments. As I understand it the building work will be zero-rated for VAT as we are creating dwellings were none were previously.

    The planners have requested an Air Quality and Noise Assessment for the site and I just wanted to confirm if I could zero-rate the VAT invoice?

    I suspect not having read the gov site but I'm hoping that I'm missing something...

    Thanks in advance for your advice

    VAT is chargeable by the company providing service to you. The VAT charge is not decided by you.

    You have to register as developer with the HMRC VAT office so that you can claim back VAT paid to the company for the building work and supply of building materials. VAT paid for professional fees to architects and surveyors are not claimable.


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      You will also get Letting Relief and Private Residence Relief and your personal Annual Allowance for CGT. Your bill maybe a lot less than you think.
      19-07-2018, 23:10 PM
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      I think your assessed Tax Band is the key, not your Income, which can vary. eg Benefit in Kind, net profit from property etc
      Govt can easily alter qualifying Income.
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      Normally the freehold company will report the income received from lease extension as "annual profit" in its annual acounts which are produced after the year end.

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      CGT is only 18% (28 If you earn a lot). You still get 82% of any increase in value.
      Plus the rental income.
      18-07-2018, 07:00 AM
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      If you quote some details : we can work out roughly the cgt.

      When you bought the property and the price paid
      Dates when you lived in the property.
      Market value now .
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      Thank you very much for your response - I appreciate any assistance.
      The only trouble is that there are two companies involved (I should have mentioned this previously!)
      One company is the freehold company (representing the interests of the freeholders - collecting ground rent, leasehold...
      17-07-2018, 16:28 PM
    • Reply to Lease Extension Subject to Taxation?
      I'd leave the money in the company, and relieve the directors of paying service charge until such time as the cash is depleted.
      17-07-2018, 15:43 PM