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    Replacement Windows

    Have been renting out 2 properties for over 10 years, during that time repairs and maintenance have been between £500 to £2000 in total per year.
    This year have replaced 30 year old windows/doors and guttering, so repairs will amount to around £11k.
    My query is, do I need to add any notes to my tax return for this? As guessing maybe flagged up? Although are legitimate costs.


    I am not sure if you need to, however I always tend to add a note if the maintenance is high for a particular year e.g. if Section 20 works etc. Have never had anything queried. I imagine things are becoming more and more automated so if a difference in trend it may throw it up.


      Thanks, think i might do this.


        I would volunteer some explanation in the tax return for any excessive expense during the year.

        It becomes worrying if something in your tax return causes the tax office to investigate you.


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          Glad to hear that you managed it, RedHitman. It really is incredibly straightforward, especially if all the monetary transactions for your letting business go through a dedicated bank account, and you annotate every bank statement as you receive it.
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          I didn't even have to open my mouth in clarification , thanks JPkeates , cheque in the post.
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          Thanks all..much appreciated.
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