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    Replacement Windows

    Have been renting out 2 properties for over 10 years, during that time repairs and maintenance have been between £500 to £2000 in total per year.
    This year have replaced 30 year old windows/doors and guttering, so repairs will amount to around £11k.
    My query is, do I need to add any notes to my tax return for this? As guessing maybe flagged up? Although are legitimate costs.


    I am not sure if you need to, however I always tend to add a note if the maintenance is high for a particular year e.g. if Section 20 works etc. Have never had anything queried. I imagine things are becoming more and more automated so if a difference in trend it may throw it up.


      Thanks, think i might do this.


        I would volunteer some explanation in the tax return for any excessive expense during the year.

        It becomes worrying if something in your tax return causes the tax office to investigate you.


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          According to the guide I linked to, they are:...
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        • Reply to Boiler repair before first tenancy
          Strictly speaking it fails the test.

          What I would do personally is claim it and deduct £200 for the use you had of it. You date the expense the first day of the first tenancy and hope nobody even looks at it.

          Don’t mention the deduction, just put the figure on the return....
          17-10-2018, 17:25 PM
        • Reply to Can you claim expenses for furniture ?
          I don't think that the initial cost of furnishing a rental property is claimable against CGT. I think its only replacements against revenue income.
          17-10-2018, 10:01 AM
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          I have recently purchased a e bike, I wanted to know if I could claim it as a capital expense or claim 20p a mile or is it not a done thing
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          You have purchased an e-bike solely and exclusively for your property investment business?
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          Hi everyone. new here and a new landlord!

          I work full time and do regular overtime. after saving i've managed to get as deposit together for a buy to let as an investment.

          i have a weird question about expenses tho.

          if in the first year if my property hasn't broken...
          12-10-2018, 16:37 PM
        • Reply to expenses claim
          HMRC will have told you what return(s) they require when you told them that you had begun your new business as a landlord.
          14-10-2018, 12:50 PM
        • Reply to expenses claim
          Note though you can only claim losses against future profits from your property rental business (is it a business or investment, debatable).

          Be aware also if your tax bill is more than I think £4k then you are asked to pay last years as well as half of next years which can be a big old...
          13-10-2018, 20:48 PM