How many years self assessments to apply for mortgage?

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    How many years self assessments to apply for mortgage?

    Hi all

    how many years self assessment returns do I need for them to count as income on a mortgage application please?

    wasnt sure which forum to put this in

    You have to ask the Mortgage lender before you decide to apply. They may require certification by accountant instead.

    When trading companies apply to the banks for loan, they are usually required to show last 3 years audited accounts.


      Hi bhodgkiss
      It depends on how long you have owned property as an investment but normally lenders like to see at the very least the last two years Self Assessments supported by either the corresponding SA302 RO Tax Overview, clearly if you have only been doing it for under the two years then 1 year will be sufficient: If you have more than 3 mortgaged properties you will be expected to provide a myriad of supporting documents given that this type of investor falls under the new PRA rules , please refer to my post of 72 hours ago on this matter. Crucial in any submissions is the production of Bank Statements showing receipt of the rental as well as the payment of the associated mortgages.


        It would actually be for applying for a remortgage on my main residential property (and releasing equity)
        The more I can show I earn the bigger equity release I can do
        So alongwith my main job, i should also be able to show two years self assessment tax returns as additional income?


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          Thanks for your reply
          Estimated sale price is 280,000.
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          Berkshire 45 ,

          Here are my comments :

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          I'm unclear though...
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          Exactly DPT57, it does make it pointless, unless youre in the 40% tax bracket and your partner owns the holiday let and is in the 20% bracket?
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