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    That time of year ,,,,

    its that time of year that I submit our tax returns (yes I know I should do it sooner !!) our profits aren't massive but since my wife has stopped working we can at least claim her full allowance due to a 99/1% split, properly notified etc a couple of years ago.

    t still leaves us with a tax bill (this year around 1k) but next year probably closer to 4 or 5k, unless we invest in more property and renovations (required works not improvements ...) can anyone recommend any good guides to utilising a private pension scheme that would reduce the tax burden, she is 57 and doesn't have a company or private pension.

    I don't think pensions can invest in residential property, but commercial or agricultural is OK.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      thanks but I was thinking more along the lines of her investing in a private pension scheme to bring the burden down and to gain some additional benefit in doing so (in later years if necessary)


        Have you seen this stuff on website :?

        May be a magazine from WH Smiths can help you ?


          ive just ordered a couple of tax café books, thanks


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            Its a little confusing hence my question.

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            Your total buying cost = GBP 163K . So if you sell at 280K , then your total gain = 280K-163K = GBP 117K .

            Your total period of ownership from Mar 14 to Sept 2018 = 4 years + 6 Months = 4.5 years..

            Your period of former main residence = March 14 -April 16 + 18 Months from...
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            Thanks for your reply
            Estimated sale price is 280,000.
            09-07-2018, 18:14 PM
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            What is the estimated asking price / sale value in Jul 2018 ?
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            Berkshire 45 ,

            Here are my comments :

            1. The caital gains tax is Nil % rate for capital gain acquired during the period of owner occupier whilst the non-occupier can be charged tax at 18 % or 28%.on balance after deducting the free allowance.of GBP 11.5K

            So when...
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            Martin Purches
            Hi - I'm a new member so forgive me for asking a question which I'm sure has come up before.

            I own buy to let holiday lets which are 200 miles from my home. When I travel to them for maintenance/inspections etc I claim the mileage (45ppm plus 5ppp passenger).

            I'm unclear though...
            01-06-2018, 08:20 AM
          • Reply to Claiming for Travel and Subsistence Costs
            Exactly DPT57, it does make it pointless, unless youre in the 40% tax bracket and your partner owns the holiday let and is in the 20% bracket?
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