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    Capital Gains Tax question?

    Dear Forum,

    I currently live in a rental house but looking at purchasing below market value a property owned by family member.

    If this is my main home, would there be any length of time I would need to live in it, as to not pay CGT.

    Tried searching HMRC and asking Citizenz Advice but get conflicting answers so thought I would ask on here.

    Many thanks.

    The below market value part affects the tax on your family member, not on you.


      I'm reading this slightly differently. Are you asking whether, once you have bought it at less than market value, there is a minimum period that you have to live there before you yourself can sell it on at a profit and not pay CGT ?

      If so, the answer is no.
      I've copied & pasted the following from the relevant part of HMRC website for you. The bit you need to search for, by the way, is Private Residence Relief.

      If you dispose of:
      • a dwelling house (which can include a house, flat, houseboat or fixed caravan) which is your home
      you will be entitled to full relief 1 where all the following conditions are met:
      • the ‘dwelling house’ has been your ‘only’ or ‘main residence’ throughout your ‘period of ownership’
      If you live in, as your home, 2 or more houses, you can only have 1 main residence at a time for Private Residence Relief. You can nominate which residence is to be treated as your main residence for any period. Your nomination must be made within 2 years of the date you first have a particular combination of residences. If there is a change in your combination of residences, a new 2-year period begins. If you do not make a nomination, the question of which is your main residence will be determined on the facts.

      Your period of ownership begins on the date you first acquired the dwelling house, or on 31 March 1982 if that is later. It ends when you dispose of it. The final 18 months of your period of ownership always qualify for relief, regardless of how you use the property in that time, as long as the dwelling house has been your only or main residence at some point.

      Hope this helps.
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        Sorry still confused.

        Would I be right in thinking that family member wont have to pay any CGT as the property sold for less than they purchased it.

        But if this becomes my only home and I spend time and money doing repairs to property and have no other interest in any other properties would I be able to sell above what I paid for, without CGT, even if I only own for 6 months.

        Sorry to sound thick but been told must stay in house for 2 years, or so many other variables.



          My understanding is that the family member has to pay CGT based on the open market valuation for the property. Your input cost is then the same figure. However, if you meet the conditions for primary residence, you don't actually pay for gain over the initial valuation. However, wait to see if anyone contradicts this.

          This assumes it was an investment property for the family member.


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          • Reply to Damaged artwork expense
            by ram

            As per above, as the place is "part-furnished", which will not incude pictures on walls.

            It's a gift to a stranger. ( They are not family, not close friends - etc. ) and not a claimable expence in any way..
            25-09-2021, 16:05 PM
          • Damaged artwork expense
            by jtufty
            Hi all

            Silly minor question really. Last week the tenant accidentally knocked a framed picture off the wall and smashed it. It was only a cheap thing (I guess value was £10). I went out and bought a replacement picture for her. (I know I didnt have to, but shes a good tenant). I bought...
            24-09-2021, 10:35 AM
          • Reply to Damaged artwork expense
            by nukecad
            I'd see this as an altruistic gift to your tenant and leave it at that.

            My previous LL (although he had his faults) used to buy the 3 of us in his small HMO a £20 case of beer each at Christmas, I doubt he tried to claim it off tax.
            25-09-2021, 15:46 PM
          • Reply to Damaged artwork expense
            by jtufty
            Its let "part-furnished". (she didnt have a bed, so I put a bed in there, and the white goods, and the [now-broken] picture and a few other bits n bobs)...
            25-09-2021, 15:13 PM
          • Reply to Damaged artwork expense
            by Section20z
            You don't need to write anything. Retain the receipt and just include the appropriate amount in youR expenses/capital totals...
            25-09-2021, 13:57 PM
          • Reply to Damaged artwork expense
            by ram

            We assume the place is let as furnished ?

            I don't think pictures are classed as furniture / but then again, a mirror screwed to the wall - if broken by the tenant, then the tenant pays.
            So pictures ? not sure.
            I would charge the tenant the cost of replacement.
            25-09-2021, 11:43 AM
          • Reply to Damaged artwork expense
            by jtufty
            Thanks guys. I dont know what came over me! A momentary wave of altruism. Most unlike me!

            I have the receipt. What should I log it as? Should I literally just write "capital expense" or should I be more specific such as "replacement of broken picture"?
            25-09-2021, 06:45 AM
          • Reply to Damaged artwork expense
            by jpkeates
            It's a replacement item of furniture and its allowable as such.
            There's an inevitable element of betterment when you replace one thing with another.

            And £40 is neither here nor there as a capital item.
            24-09-2021, 13:16 PM
          • Reply to Damaged artwork expense
            by Section20z
            That sounds definitely like an improvement as you didn't have to splash out £50 you crazy dude.
            £10 down to repairs and £40 capital expense I reckon.
            24-09-2021, 11:59 AM
          • Reply to Let Property Campaign.
            by armour
            No Neelix, I don't approve of tax evasion.

            As it happens, I am the friend who has convinced the lady that it was best all round if she made a clean breast of it and fessed up as soon as possible via the Let Property Campaign and am using such talants as I posess to help her to do so....
            23-09-2021, 07:46 AM