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  • leaseholder64
    Assuming that your parents inherited the property, and didn't live in it, you should look into their creating a deed of variation on the will. That will make it as though the property went direct to you. That may or may not be to your advantage. Doing so will avoid a potentially exempt transfer for your parents, although, if they are in good health and not accident prone, that might not be an issue. It would also avoid a second valuation.

    Not doing so may be simpler, and may save you capital gains tax in the future, as the acquisition cost will be the value at the time of the gift, not at the time of the death. However, there is a possibility that your parents may have to pay CGT on the difference between probate and gift valuations.

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  • Sheraton80
    started a topic Being gifted a property?

    Being gifted a property?


    Long story short, but my grandparents passed away last year, and my dad has decided to gift their property to me and my sister.

    I’m not really sure how gifting works when it comes to properties (I assume the deeds simply get transferred by a solicitor?), but since I already own a property, and we would plan on simply selling it - would I/we end up paying a large sum of tax, etc, on sale?

    Would it therefore be better for my dad to sell it, then simply gift us the cash from the sale instead?

    Obviously, we’ll be seeking financial advice on this, but thought I’d ask to see if anyone had any experience or advice to share.

    Any feedback much appreciated.


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  • Reply to tax / cgt question for renovating property
    by Gordon999
    The underlying principle is that the cost of buying a property in good condition is clearly capital expenditure. Hence the cost of buying a dilapidated property and putting it in good order is also capital expenditure....
    02-07-2022, 17:21 PM
  • tax / cgt question for renovating property
    by DroidEgg
    I purchased a shell of a house that was structurally sound but needed complete refurbishment. The house had been ransacked many items. eg All the radiators & copper pipe had been ripped from the walls.
    A builder completed all the work from start to finish. The final cost was an all-in job...
    02-07-2022, 10:33 AM
  • Reply to tax / cgt question for renovating property
    by dp17
    See the following property income manual, from HMRC , may be of some help.
    02-07-2022, 16:19 PM
  • Reply to tax / cgt question for renovating property
    by Section20z
    It may certainly be beneficial to allocate some of those expenses to running costs, electrical work required for the NEIC certainly is solely for the letting. Depends how much profit you are likely to make though, you'll have to do some sums .
    02-07-2022, 13:00 PM
  • Reply to tax / cgt question for renovating property
    by Gordon999
    If you purchased a building shell , and had the builder carry out the refurbishment work , then enter all expenses as an improvement in your records. You paid the builder by cheque and should have kept bank statements to show all payments .

    No need to break down the cost into operating...
    02-07-2022, 11:59 AM
  • Reply to tax / cgt question for renovating property
    by jpkeates
    I'd suggest that based on that description, all of the work was probably capital.
    02-07-2022, 10:43 AM
  • Reply to CGT query
    by Gordon999
    I believe your solicitor has to prepare a Deed of Trust which transfers 60 % interest in the property from wife to you.

    You need to make clear to your solicitor that Deed is for HMRC only and not for registration at Land Registry

    After signing the Deed , you...
    01-07-2022, 16:51 PM
  • CGT query
    by vik238754
    Hello. Since 2013 my wife and I own a property as tenants in common where the beneficial interest split is 90% her and 10% me. We are now looking to sell the property. I have a large CGT loss and using the HMRC CGT calculator I have calculated that if I change the split to 70% me and 30% my wife...
    23-05-2022, 19:37 PM
  • Reply to CGT query
    by vik238754
    The existing declaration states 10:90 beneficial interest not legal interest
    01-07-2022, 13:06 PM
  • Reply to CGT query
    by Gordon999
    The Declaration changing the beneficial interest to 70:30 is prepared only for showing to the Tax Office .

    The existing registration of 10% :90% legal interest at Land Registry does not change and the Mortgage Lender has already accepted this situation. .
    01-07-2022, 12:18 PM