CGT on future sale of previous home

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  • theartfullodger
    Sorry, not aiming at anyone in particular: Rules could change with the Budget 22nd November.

    I admire your confidence with your 2019 prediction for conclusion of negotiations!

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  • Gordon999
    Yes, after Brexit negotiations have been concluded in 2019 , the tax rules may be changed. So yes , I am guessing .

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  • theartfullodger
    If you can kindly give us the CGT rules and regulations for when you will sell an accurate answer may be tried. Otherwise, guesses.

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  • Gordon999
    If your house has been owner-occupied since Jan 2001 and you move out at end of month , the entire period plus 18 months from moving out ( up to May 2019 ) is exempt for capital gains tax . You have capital gains over 18 years period of £280K ( £480 less £200K ) and this is fully exempt for cgt.

    If you rent out the property and sold in Jan 2025 and achieved 360K in capital gains over 24 years period , then approx one quarter of the capital gains = £90K is liable for cgt. but you can deduct lettings relief up to £40K + personal cgt allowance £11K .

    So you would pay tax on the chargeable capital gains : £90K- £40K -£11K =£39K @ 28% = £11K tax bill.

    But you should consult a tax accountant before you decide as the calculation given here in a forum may not be correct.

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  • jpkeates
    The CGT is apportioned.

    So the gain would be the difference between the sale value and the purchase price.
    The taxable gain is the entire gain times (the number of days when the property wasn't your main residence plus 18 months) divided by the number of days you owned it.

    So if you owned it for ten years and lived in it for four and a half with £100k gain, your taxable gain is £100k * (1460 [10 years less 4.5 + 1.5 years)] / 3650 [10 years].

    So £40k is taxable.
    And obviously that's a back of a fag packet version.

    So if you sell within 18 months there's no tax at all.

    You are also entitled to letting relief which will reduce the bill further.

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  • ienquiry
    started a topic CGT on future sale of previous home

    CGT on future sale of previous home

    Your advice please.

    My home is mortgage free and am looking to purchase another house to move into, taking some of the equity from current home as deposit for new home. Current home was purchased in Jan 2001.

    1. When the 1st house is eventually sold, is the CGT based from the Jan 2001 purchase transaction value or the value when we purchased the new home and let the current house?
    2. Is there a time restriction as to when the Let to Buy property should be sold to minimize CGT?
    3. How is the CGT calculated, the purchase price in 2001 was 200K, now it valued at 480K

    Thanks in advance

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    by flyingfreehold
    even with an RICS' firm's valuation, if the valuers at HMRC think it low they will still challenge it. Ive just dealt with an estate the valuation date for which was during lockdown, and with extensive tenanted interests. The RICS firm arrived at their figure by a completely different methodology...
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    by Bengt Lagander
    Is a red book valuation an "open market value"?

    the Red Book, the RICS manual for valuers, the open market value ("OMV") is the best price obtainable in a transaction completed on the date of death.

    Is this the correct definition please?
    07-08-2022, 11:33 AM
  • Reply to Inheritance tax Open Market Vakue
    by Neelix
    A written valuation for probate from an estate agent or 2

    then after it’s sold you need to declare the actual value it sold for
    07-08-2022, 12:54 PM
  • Reply to Inheritance tax Open Market Vakue
    by Gordon999
    For assessing property value for estate tax, you would approach 2 or more surveyor firms for their valuation and choose the one who gives the lowest valuation.
    07-08-2022, 12:45 PM
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    by Kekdal
    Thanks everyone I took professional advise from a qualified lawyer who confirmed that in my case I can't enjoy a lower rate. I kind of knew the answer but was clutching on straws . My oversimplified interpretation based on his advise is: HMRCs logic is if you have more than one property you pay higher...
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  • Reply to Stamp duty question
    by DoricPixie
    The manual is clear, Kekdal will not be able to claim a refund if the BTL is disposed of after purchasing the new home. I don't know the circumstances the other posters to which you refer but they cannot be the same as Kekdal's as they would not be due a refund.

    I don't think it would be...
    04-08-2022, 05:44 AM
  • Reply to Stamp duty question
    by jpkeates
    I used to believe that as well - the HMRC manuals are pretty clear about the situation in my view.

    Which made the surcharge rules a real trap for anyone who owned a let property (maybe for some years) and, who then wanted to buy a home of their own).
    But some people claim to have...
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