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    Actually, you know what occurs to me? Anyone ever managed to get a builder to completely renovate a property within two weeks from ringing him? I certainly haven't.

    Seems to me the discussion of whether to do the work between father & son, must have been staged, if not the whole programme. I think the work must have been planned before father & son set foot in the place.


      I also clocked that one JKO.

      "We paid for het elsewhere for another week" and had all that refurbishment work done in that one week??

      Wonder what would have happened if the cameras weren't there?
      Of course without the cameras the LLs wouldn't have been there in the first place.

      Better programme than the usual tat, might even watch it next week.


        just finished watching this last night. Better than I thought. I also want the details of a builder who can renovate an entire flat in a week. I might need a £7 million portfolio though to be afford to pay him.

        As for the other guy in Milton Keynes, it struck me that a landlord who is always so positive about things might come over as dismissive of things that other people find a real grind to live with. I don't think his lick of paint and astroturf is going to keep his damp at bay either. No mention of the rats being dealt with which was probably the toughest issue to deal with.

        It did strike me that it was a revelation to both landlords that these were actually people's homes. Just to give you some perspective, that made me more angry than tenants using scented candles.


          Anyone see tonight's? What a whiny bunch.

          The single guy who has been living there a year, has not managed to put the previous tenant's rubbish by the gate, and cannot screw on two hinges.

          The Indian couple are sending money to India, so hardly surprising they are hard up. That mould in the kids' wardrobe looks like condensation to me. Landlord was a bit of an idiot not to separate the electricity supply though.


            Yes I watched it. Clearly the formula is the same every week - out of touch LLs finding out the hardships of life as a tenant and "seeing the light"..... How about getting a LL to change lives with a non-paying tenant and being able to spend the rent money on a week in Spain?
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              Originally posted by islandgirl View Post
              Yes I watched it. Clearly the formula is the same every week - out of touch LLs finding out the hardships of life as a tenant and "seeing the light".....
              Agree - hope they change their agenda as that will be boring very quickly.

              What struck me was how short sighted some landlords can be. You have a couple of decent tenants, paying their rent and only complaining about legitimate things and the landlords havent got the sense to want to hang onto them. The father was giving his 18 year old son that message but the other landlord wasnt seen firing his agent and claiming back anything he'd been charged for clearing rubbish that was still there.

              There are many cases here where landlords insist on having their legal rights - a tenant shouldnt have to clear rubbish from a previous tenant or fit his own door hinges. If he had touched the door many landlords would be wanting "damage" made good. I'd fit a door myself but I like someone to help hold the door while I fix it and it isnt that simple unless you have the right tools. Can understand why someone wouldnt want to fix hinges.


                Any way to watch this show online? Seems to be interesting...

                Thanks in advance.


                  It's here:


                    Well this week's programme had moved on a bit - the snowflake generation unable to bleed a radiator but the landlords not allowing for the family budget also having to feed - and provide nappies for - a baby. At least the other landlord recognised he and the wife were living on a budget that normally covers 4 and he still couldnt manage it. Sting in the tail was at the end when her housing benefit claim was rejected so she's going to have to appeal that.


                      I got a bit bored with the repetition.

                      A tenant with a poorly maintained property, landlord a flash git driving an Audi with a nice house.

                      Landlord moves in and can't afford to live on tenants income.

                      Landlord fixes up property and learns a life lesson and will be a better person in future.
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                        But this week one set of landlords did live on the income - and proudly claimed to have £20 left. However they had forgotten about the baby. That £20 would easily disappear on a baby still in nappies.


                          Yeah... I wanted to know what the guy who was owed 6 months rent was going to do next. Is this a lesson to us who decide to rent properties at below market value rents because we actually care about people getting housed? Seemed unfair on everyone concerned although of course we have no idea why her HB claim was rejected. Having a daughter brining in income wouldn't help of course.

                          Did the LL do the right thing to keep her on at a minimal rent guaranteed for 2 years?

                          As for the other couple, reminded me to actually shut up and listen to my tenants. Just wanted to give them a slap really...


                            I suspect the problem with housing benefit is the question of whether she has dependent children and when the cut off is. Even if one child is working that my be a Saturday job.. Of course it could be a mistake by the council, it wouldnt be the first time. And as they will have to find the family accommodation when they are evicted it could cost the council money.


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