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    I've moved into my new flat.

    This morning I plumbed in my washing machine.
    As usual a bit fiddly getting the pipes through the cabinet walls and connected, but not too bad as those things go.

    The drain was the type that fits to a spigot above the U-bend of the sink rather than being a seperate stand pipe, I've not used one of those before but fair enough just push it on and secure with a jubilee clip.

    All connected, give it a quick rinse/spin cycle to make sure it's working before pushing it under the worktop - Fills fine, chugs about, then although I can hear the pump running it wouldn't drain.

    Maybe a blanking plug in the spigot? So undo it from the U-bend and check - no blanking plugs.
    Has the pump impeller got damaged during the move, that seems unlikely, scratch head, make a cup of tea and think.

    Light bulb goes on - Although the water connections had obviously been there some time all the drain pipes under the sink were brand new, including that connection spigot.
    Take the drain hose of the spigot again and sure enough the end of the spigot is solid - it's the type where you have to cut the end off before use. (I couldn't see it before because of the way it was fitted).
    Quick surgery with a stanley knife, reconnect, and all is now working.

    Tomorrow my new cooker comes, 50cm cooker, 60cm gap.
    Time to get creative with some 50mm aluminium angle fastened to the worktop and cabinet ends at either side to make up the gaps.
    I'll probably use some black marble effect vinyl I have hanging about to sort of blend it in with the black worktops, not quite a match but it will do, and then get some wood effect vinyl for down the fronts.


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