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    My friend wasted my day today. (Yes, the guy with the BMW & the Audi. )

    In view of those two cars being nearly clapped out, my friend decided to buy a Lexus. He found a 12 year old one in Harrow, an hour's drive away. It's £3800 and 82000 miles. Despite my warnings, he is intent on getting it, so persuaded me to go with him today (in the BMW without aircon) so I can drive the Lexus back here.

    The car seemed okay, so we all trooped into the house for my friend to pay. Bear in mind that I have always told him to take cash for buying cars. He then found out that his online banking is capped at £1000. 'Can you pay, and I'll pay you back J?' he asked. 'What, on my imaginary computer?' I said.

    In the end the owner drove us to NatWest, and my friend got £500 from the cashpoint to reserve the car. My friend still thinks I'll be going again next week to drive his new car home! I told him to make a mental note where the station is.


      Originally posted by JK0 View Post
      Back home again, having replaced the shower and tap.
      Today I had to replace that shower again. That's a bit bad, isn't it? Four years and running off soft water too. The temperature (flow) control had no effect.


        My sharer (he's only here two days a week now for work) early this morning asked me about a strange noise in his bedroom.

        "It's like noisy water pipes or maybe an electrical fault. It started about quarter of an hour ago while I was having a shower."

        I popped up for a quick listen and yes a strange buzzing noise, not quite like water vibration, not quite like an electrical short.
        There are no pipes anywhere near there so I told him that as soon as he'd gone to work I'd knock the power off and take a closer look.

        Power off, still the buzzing noise, power back on, snoop.

        His electric toothbrush was buzzing away merrily on his wardrobe shelf where he'd put it after his shower, with the closed wardrobe acting as an amplifier and distorting the sound.


          The washer dryer saga lady called me on Thursday. She said that her hot water had not worked since two weeks after I last fixed it. I went over at 12pm today, and found both immersions' spur boxes switched off, as expected.


            My friend rang on Friday night, telling me his sink drain was blocked. I had to clear the rice out of the sink waste at his old house several times for him over the years, when he was broke, but it's a vile job.

            My friend now has £90k in the bank, and I'm busy at other flats, so I told him to call Dyno Rod. This morning there was a message from him on my answerphone telling me his washing machine has now flooded the kitchen. This morning he rang to say I should get there by 12.

            I'm still not going.


              Did you go?

              Presumably the washing machine spigot connects under his sink and he didn't just think the blocked sink was also going to stop his washing machine draining

              Reminds me of the pilot error by someone I hired to fit kitchen worktops for me. I had done most of the kitchen fitting myself to that point. After I had ran the dishwasher I opened it and water was coming out, quickly shut it and cleared up the water then inspected the plumbing under the sink. The end of the spigot was still on! Easy job for me to fix and no damage fortunately.


                I contacted Dody Ron myself last night, as my friend seems unable, and they've called today. They told him he needs to get a plumber to tighten up the plastic fittings under the sink.

                Err... wtf am I paying Dody Ron over £80 for?


                  I don't know what Dody Ron got up to yesterday, but almost all the rubber seals from the sink waste now seem to be missing. I've had to re-plumb it today, but getting it back together, it was still blocked further down the waste pipe. Eventually I had to take it apart again and use my drain clearing spring.


                    The washer dryer lady called me again this week. She said that her lounge storage heater was not working, so I agreed to go over today at 12pm. She wasn't in, but I noticed two cutouts on the off peak consumer unit had popped, so I reset them. I went back around 3.30 to see if the afternoon boost had made them work, but everything was still stone cold.

                    The Creda storage heater's cutout had melted, presumably due to having clothes put on it, so I have ordered another. I could not actually get the Dimplex heater apart as my tenant has so much furniture in there. I'll have another look when I get the Creda part.

                    The immersion heater's cutout had also popped. Presumably due to all the junk piled up against it.


                      Over a month ago my friend came over asking for some white paint for his ceiling. I had about half of a 10 litre bucket in the garage, which I was happy to give him.

                      My friend rang last night to tell me that I had not put the lid on properly. It had spilled all over the inside of his Lexus' boot.

                      'What, on the way home from my house?' I asked.

                      'No, last week', he replied.

                      He'd had the paint rolling around in his boot for a month, and expected the top not to come off.


                        Lexus owners eh? - used to be one
                        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                          Originally posted by nukecad View Post
                          Loose contact that got joggled back into place during the journey?
                          Dirt/dust that got shaken out during the journey?

                          Maybe you weren't holding your face right?

                          When I lived in the pub/hotel we used to get the fire alarm going off a lot at this time of year.
                          We eventually worked out that it was spiders coming indoors from the cold, getting into the smoke/heat sensors and shorting them out.
                          Ha! Happened again today, as another tenant is moving in to another flat:

                          I take my little video camera over to document the initial meter readings, and that the smoke alarm works. This time, the light flashed, but it could not be made to beep on pressing the button. A new battery had the same effect.

                          Back up the road, 300 yards to my car, and off to Wickes in the pouring rain, through a traffic jam. Bought a new smoke alarm, and back to the flat. Fortunately I had my hop up platform in the car boot, so had something to stand on.

                          I think God has a bit of fun with me every time I get a new tenant.


                            Pipes noisy when the toilet is flushed, lock-up charity shop below my rental so the occasional noise is noticable in my rental.
                            Obviously wasn't an issue during lockdown as they were closed.

                            As a favour I've got a spare float valve diaphragm, and we all know it takes 5 mins fix to change a float valve diphragm right?

                            Right type diaphragm, exactly the same valve as my own toilet cistern float arm, but can I get the new washer to cut off the supply after 20 mins of trying?
                            I'm missing something here.

                            I think I've found it after taking my own float valve apart again - It seems that the LL had put a sealing washer in the wrong place and bodged it by using some silicone where the washer should have been. (and all the piping joints are loose but that's incidental).
                            I'll have another try when the charity shop opens again on Monday.

                            I call it the buggeration factor.
                            If all else fails I'll swap mine for the one in the shop and get a new one for myself.


                              Sympathy. I spent 3 hours yesterday getting a cistern off. I had to use a Bosch multi tool to grind away the rusted wingnuts under the pan. When I got it all apart, I found the cistern was too narrow for the Dudley 88 syphon I intended to fit. I had to put it all back together with the original syphon, and order a Dudley 44 one from Amazon.


                                Yep, that's the B* factor at work.

                                You know exactly what you are doing but then the B comes along and B's it up.


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                                  by Luke
                                  They give 4 days notice of when Countries will be changing colour and it wasnt possible to leave because all transport had been suspended and there were no flights, buses or trains to the international airport and 1000 kilometers is a bit far to walk . And very quickly after the announcement that a...
                                  26-09-2021, 00:42 AM
                                • Quarantine - Why Would You ?
                                  by landlord-man
                                  I'm still amazed at the number of people returning from "red countries" seemingly paying £2,300 to stay locked in a hotel room for 11 nights - why would they?

                                  IF the Country I'd visited was, or moved to, a "red Country", I would be looking for a green or amber one which...
                                  17-09-2021, 10:18 AM
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                                  by landlord-man
                                  A) i wouldn't be in a red country to begin with - they dont change to red overnight, so always time to get out.

                                  B) As above, why would you stay somewhere without being able to get a vaccination

                                  Sorry, but only you to blame for not sorting it out 3, 6 or 12 months ago....
                                  25-09-2021, 08:32 AM
                                • How to reduce energy bills by 25%
                                  by jpucng62
                                  I am one of the customers whose utility company has gone bust, so Im pretty sure my bills will be going up. I can afford this, but many people look on course for a difficult winter with a reduction of UC, increase in utility bills & food prices probably going up because of shortages & Brexit....
                                  23-09-2021, 06:42 AM
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                                  by jpkeates
                                  BTW, when a company like British Gas takes on an account, they're allowed to recoup the cost of migration (a few hundred pounds per customer) in their tariffs over the next months (from every customer, not just the one's being migrated), so it's very lucrative for them and adds more cost to the consumer...
                                  24-09-2021, 09:05 AM
                                • Reply to How to reduce energy bills by 25%
                                  by jpkeates
                                  The price of the raw materials have shot up and the consumer picks up the increased price.
                                  The question is, does the government intervene to subsidise the consumer or does it let the market operate freely.
                                  And if it does intervene, does it do it by running the utility companies or injecting...
                                  24-09-2021, 08:08 AM
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                                  by Luke
                                  I am in a red Country myself and trying to get back to the U.K.
                                  The problem with your suggestion ; Being in a Red zone Country , you need to find a green/amber Country that will let you in.
                                  Some Green/Amber Countries do not allow tourists to enter/need to be fully vaccinated/need to...
                                  24-09-2021, 01:06 AM
                                • Reply to How to reduce energy bills by 25%
                                  by Gordon999
                                  Also Government should waive the 5% VAT and let the energy gas company keep it.
                                  23-09-2021, 20:09 PM
                                • Reply to Quarantine - Why Would You ?
                                  by Gordon999
                                  Much safer to get double vaccinated and stay at home. Save money to pay the gas bills.

                                  BBC reported the Health Minister saying .- 99% of covid deaths in the first 6 months of 2021 were persons who were not vaccinated.
                                  23-09-2021, 19:59 PM
                                • Reply to The Great Reset
                                  by JK0
                                  I completely agree.

                                  Problem is that no-one thought Bojo was a born again greenie when they voted for him. I believe he is getting his orders elsewhere than from the British electorate....
                                  23-09-2021, 13:21 PM