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    My friend wasted my day today. (Yes, the guy with the BMW & the Audi. )

    In view of those two cars being nearly clapped out, my friend decided to buy a Lexus. He found a 12 year old one in Harrow, an hour's drive away. It's £3800 and 82000 miles. Despite my warnings, he is intent on getting it, so persuaded me to go with him today (in the BMW without aircon) so I can drive the Lexus back here.

    The car seemed okay, so we all trooped into the house for my friend to pay. Bear in mind that I have always told him to take cash for buying cars. He then found out that his online banking is capped at £1000. 'Can you pay, and I'll pay you back J?' he asked. 'What, on my imaginary computer?' I said.

    In the end the owner drove us to NatWest, and my friend got £500 from the cashpoint to reserve the car. My friend still thinks I'll be going again next week to drive his new car home! I told him to make a mental note where the station is.


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      Back home again, having replaced the shower and tap.
      Today I had to replace that shower again. That's a bit bad, isn't it? Four years and running off soft water too. The temperature (flow) control had no effect.


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