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    My friend just phoned, for the second time today...

    This morning's problem was the hob. That was pilot error, as I suspected.

    This evening the problem is it sounds like the waste under the sink has come apart again. Give me strength!


      My friend just phoned regarding the council tax...

      He moved in 1st Feb, so should not have to pay any council tax until 1st April!


        I may have mentioned that my friend & I went to buy an E46 BMW two years ago. He came over last week saying the man had diddled him by selling him a car with no spare wheel, and could I get him one from Ebay.

        We had a look at Ebay, and saw that the car normally comes with a skinny spare tyre. He did not want one of those, so got me to order a full size spare & tyre. He's just been to collect it, and went to put it in his boot which looks like this...


        Have a guess what we found under that black plastic piece? You guessed it, the skinny spare wheel!


          Originally posted by Hollywood View Post
          What planet do these tenant come from?
          Planet grievance I believe. My friend who recently rented a flat from me rang me last week. His storage heater had cut out due to being overheated and the heat not being used.

          I said: 'I showed you how to reset it.'

          He said he was tired and I should come over to do it.

          'How many favours have I done for you?' I asked. He grudgingly agreed to reset the heater himself.


            Just been over to my friend's, as he asked for more water softener salt. I went in the bathroom to wash my hands and noticed the tap was loose. 'Why didn't you tell me your tap was broken?' I said.

            'Oh, I didn't want to bother you'.

            I left after eating our lunch together, and said: 'I'll bring my plumbing tools over next time to do that tap'.

            'Oh, you can go & get them & come back', he said.

            My reply was unprintable.


              My friend's BMW is still at the garage, so he has been using his old Audi A6 automatic estate.

              He rang me this afternoon: Could I give him a lift to pick up his wife from work, as the Audi was now playing up? The symptoms he described sounded like a binding handbrake, so I suggested I put my car tools & trolley jack in my car and head over there.

              I put the Audi in neutral and was able to push it back & forth, so did not think it was the handbrake. The selector looks like this:


              He suggested I take the car round the block, and it seemed fine to me. We then went out together, and he showed me the problem. It randomly seemed to lose power, so he turned round to come home. Looking down I noticed the gear selector was in 4, rather than drive. I asked: 'Why do you have it in 4?'

              He said: 'Oh that's 4 wheel drive.'

              I said: 'Just leave it in D, and let's go for a drive.' The car then ran fine.

              He's had the car for 3 years!


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              • Brexit
                I'm wondering how many of you voted for brexit and would you change your mind if you had the chance ? . I didn't vote and I still wouldn't be sure if I would choose leave or remain if we had another chance...
                30-09-2018, 16:17 PM
              • Reply to Brexit
                I don't personally see anything wrong with the EU notion of free movement.
                You're free to move to work anywhere, and, provided you're employed, you're entitled to all of the same benefits as a national of the country you're working in.
                If you're not employed, your right to reside elapses...
                17-10-2019, 08:48 AM
              • Reply to Brexit
                OK so Ram you have tempted me very briefly back in. People used to come and work here BEFORE we joined the EU on work visas. They would come for farm work (family experience of this) from not only the EU but across the world. Getting labour if it is needed is not a problem. The difference is that on...
                17-10-2019, 08:36 AM
              • Reply to Brexit
                sorry, not correct. But time restrains prevent me from disproving your argument.
                But whatever anyone writes on here will NOT change how the treasonous Government screw us.[/SIZE]...
                17-10-2019, 08:18 AM
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                The flaw in that argument is that there is currently negative unemployment in the UK.

                There are thousands of unfilled jobs, 50,000 in the NHS alone (mostly for non medical positions) and the number of unemployed people is so low that its made up of people who can't or won't work (plus the...
                17-10-2019, 07:39 AM
              • Reply to Brexit
                Well, the building sites will eventually have British workers on them ( more jobs for the indigenous people ).
                No more closing down of bus companies because they replaced bus drivers with foreigners who could not read road signs, which made them dangerous drivers ( look it up) so more jobs for...
                16-10-2019, 23:47 PM
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                Nope, not enough there to tempt me back!
                16-10-2019, 22:44 PM
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                I'm for a future where the Uk's government, and the voting public in the UK, can directly influence our future and we retain as many freedoms as possible and have the best possible trade opportunities.

                This means remaining in the EU.
                Leaving the EU really doesn't give the UK more...
                16-10-2019, 19:56 PM
              • Reply to Brexit
                I give up! You either get it or you don't. You are either for a future of our choice or a future of choices made by a super-expensive group of non- accountable bureaucrats. As I say, I give up. For now....
                16-10-2019, 19:20 PM
              • Reply to Brexit
                So you'll know that many businesses have narrow profit margins and/or rely on deliveries being on time (both into and out of the business).
                Most businesses can cope with occasional interruptions in supply (e.g. a few days as a result of weather/strikes), although they may take a financial hit...
                16-10-2019, 18:01 PM