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    My friend just phoned, for the second time today...

    This morning's problem was the hob. That was pilot error, as I suspected.

    This evening the problem is it sounds like the waste under the sink has come apart again. Give me strength!


      My friend just phoned regarding the council tax...

      He moved in 1st Feb, so should not have to pay any council tax until 1st April!


        I may have mentioned that my friend & I went to buy an E46 BMW two years ago. He came over last week saying the man had diddled him by selling him a car with no spare wheel, and could I get him one from Ebay.

        We had a look at Ebay, and saw that the car normally comes with a skinny spare tyre. He did not want one of those, so got me to order a full size spare & tyre. He's just been to collect it, and went to put it in his boot which looks like this...


        Have a guess what we found under that black plastic piece? You guessed it, the skinny spare wheel!


          Originally posted by Hollywood View Post
          What planet do these tenant come from?
          Planet grievance I believe. My friend who recently rented a flat from me rang me last week. His storage heater had cut out due to being overheated and the heat not being used.

          I said: 'I showed you how to reset it.'

          He said he was tired and I should come over to do it.

          'How many favours have I done for you?' I asked. He grudgingly agreed to reset the heater himself.


            Just been over to my friend's, as he asked for more water softener salt. I went in the bathroom to wash my hands and noticed the tap was loose. 'Why didn't you tell me your tap was broken?' I said.

            'Oh, I didn't want to bother you'.

            I left after eating our lunch together, and said: 'I'll bring my plumbing tools over next time to do that tap'.

            'Oh, you can go & get them & come back', he said.

            My reply was unprintable.


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