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    Cross dressing

    My colleague has just told me she got home one night
    & found her landlord dressed in her clothes

    Okay so it's not a windup? I think we should be told!

    What can I say? Did she take a photo on her camera phone? If not tell her to keep the clothes so that a DNA test can be done! I presume she won't want to wear them in a hurry!

    Was the landlord of the same gender or a bloke who happens to be vertically or horizontally challenged? I know..........there could be a lot of questions posted on this and the mind boggles! Please save us!
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      Just a sweet transvestite from transsexual transylvania aha.


        suits you sir..

        I think maybe her landlord misunderstood the term "quiet enjoyment"
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          Haha very funny people

          No it's true, she came home and her male landlord was doing the washing up in her clothes

          She was his lodger, I thought it was hilarious when she told me

          I think she suspected something was amiss, but this confirmed it

          Yes definately interferring with her quiet enjoyment

          Thought it might entertain you, it can get a bit serious here


            My Advise here would be:

            Your friend should check all clothes for split seams or stains and gain evidence for such damage. Gain quotes to replace said garments or cleaning and ask the landlord to pay for the damage. Where stockings have been used, check for holes as these rip at the tops when you pull them on.

            She should inform the LL that if he uses her marigolds, he must replace these.

            She should keep photographic evidence of any furture infringements and post photo's on this forum.

            Hope this helps


              Lol :d :d
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                I really hope she doesn't have to deal with any deposit issues
                My advice is not based on formal legal training but experience gained in 20+ years in the letting industry.


                  Very good Daza

                  Maybe pest control?


                    Eugh!!!! On all counts! If that was me I would be padlocking my wardrobe and looking for a new home! Cross Dressing is one thing but not my clothes! and oaktree, as for your deposits joke that is just very sick!

                    I must admit this thread has brought some light relief to the forum!
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