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    I love these people.

    I'm in the middle of gutting a 3 bedroom house and I'm trying to do it carefully... I've removed all the interior doors, fire surrounds and the kitchen (the wall units came off nicely, but the base units got a bit trashed)... so I put the really nice looking fire surround on Freecycle.

    Within moments offers to take it were made and I asked someone to come around... they came, man and a woman, and measured it up (I said to them that it was a standard fire surround size - does that even exist?) and found out it wouldn't fit in their car.

    Dismayed at having nothing to go back with, they took the kitchen wall units!

    Result... I'd not even put that up on Freecycle yet.

    They say they'll get a van, probably also from Freecycle!, and come back for the fire surround. If not, I have others lining-up to take it...

    Just gotta get someone interested in these 7 interior doors now.

    Recycling at its best!
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      I'd check you can get replacements in the correct size before getting rid of the doors.


        This is good advice. They are all slightly different sizes and it could be some effort and cost to get others to fit. For now, they are leaned against a wall in a room until I think about what's best to do.

        The fireplace surround went though and the guy wants to take the cooker and the gas fires... someone different to those who took the kitchen (by mistake).


          I'm pleased to hear you aren't getting rid of the doors yet Hippo. It saddens me that people are so keen to get rid of their houses' original doors. My 1920's home has dented 1970's hollow sapele doors, which look awful.

          All my rentals have the original doors going back to the 1870's. It's amazing what you can achieve with a little woodfiller. The EHO who came to see the ones in London said the panels were thick enough not to need replacing with fire doors.

          FTA: The 1870's doors also have the original locks which have been refurbished & new keys made by the 'Lock Centre' on Lavender Hill.


            I used freecycle to find a new home for a stairlift that was left in the house I've just bought. I had toyed with the idea of leaving it as, in about 30 years, I might need one!!

            It was really good as I didn't even have to dismantle it (not that I would of tried actually), and it would have been an horrendous job trying to take it to the tip.


              Originally posted by Claymore View Post
              I used freecycle to find a new home for a stairlift
              Ouch... there's a really thriving second-hand market for those, I believe...

              Have to say, as a Yorkshireman, I'm more of a fan of ebay than freecycle. Eg, not long ago I hauled out an old fireplace which had a large, heavy slate hearth: I really didn't fancy trying to lug it down the dump as I had a bad back at the time; and put it on ebay instead. It went for £60, and the buyer carried it out himself. My granny would have been proud.


                Trouble with ebay is first you have to wait out the auction time. Then wait again for pick up. Which might not even happen if cash on pickup and they decide they've bid too much.

                With freecycle the ***** are grabbing all over themselves to get your gear, and you are normally shot of it within the same day, often a couple of hours.


                  I did briefly consider putting it on ebay but I couldn't even verify if it was working. I did try to work the thing but everytime I switched it on, the electrics went! The electrics in the house are incredibly ancient (twisted cords).

                  I got an absolute bargain with the house (can't wait for it to be done up so I can move!!!) and I was happy for someone else to have a freebie. The gentleman was over the moon :-)



                    My ex-husband was from Yorkshire - I am not kidding he had short arms and deep pockets!

                    BTW, I probably would have done the same with the fireplace!


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