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    I left Mrs LHA dreaming of bicycles and buttercups (or that’s what her mutterings sounded like) to start Sunday breakfast and collect her Observer( with laundry tongs to avoid contamination from the liberal weirdness). It is compulsory Sunday reading for teachers & I am sure they add the reading time to explain why they need (dramatic swoon) 14 weeks off.

    It took a moment to realise that I wasn’t doing the two step shuffle around two cats impersonating slippers in demands to be fed. There was no sight or sound, or claws skittering on tiled floor and even a fork banged on the bowls led to silence.

    I was rather worried.

    I took a look into the garden and there they were at the duck pond. I strolled out, coffee in hand in my Marriot Robe and wellies to investigate. as they were in full hunting mode, flat on the, ground ears forward.

    I feared the worst but nurture had triumphed over nature, or whatever fear of the equivalent of bread and water punishment is for cats, as, unharmed, in the pond, swam 8 little ducklings and their civil partnership parents( as "ducks don’t marry, silly", as middle LHA declared at age 6).

    They rarely lay viable (yet tasty) eggs, but here they were, spring having sprung. I noticed some orange coarse fur and realised that the two cats, bless them, had fought off a local fox, whose lucky day, or night, had ended badly. With much affection and breakfast brought to them, they relaxed a bit now that the bear that feeds them was up.

    So today is about putting up a fence to the pond in case they escape their beds and to stop Mum taking them to nest somewhere daft- ducks have the brains of a gifted reality tv star- once having taken tried to take her babies into a lawnmower.

    Oh and also reading the texts of the girls who are naming them as I speak- this time it is after railway stations.

    So it just goes to show that good things do happen and that people, even little furry four pawed ones, can surprise you.

    And that Xmas dinner is sorted- roast Llandudno mmm.
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