The Garden Centre Sunday Morning Communion

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    The Garden Centre Sunday Morning Communion

    Now that the flood waters have receded , white doves are passé and Oaktree Cottage, famous for it's beech and elms but not oaks, have abandoned plans to build a Ark, thoughts have turned to gardens and garden centres.

    The local standard issue vicar (ample teeth, dog collar and a vain hope that a good natured gal with child bearing hips will take a shine to him) has asked whether people would like a Sunday service with an earlier start, an extra early service, even abandon evensong, or turn it over to one of the deacons for an evening of fire and brimstone.

    Parishioners then have a convenient service and get to go to the garden centre or start Sunday lunch, and he keeps the contributions coming for the inevitable roof and organ fund ( though its a Hammond, with its own Leslies built in my work-shed).

    Said shed has been glanced at by our local teenage entrepreneur of “Squirrel Boxes inc”, who, having pre sold all of his leaf mulch (supplemented by raids on the local park until the council said “stop taking our dead leaves”) is looking for a new venture.

    Having seen Hugh “ I trained at River Café, but don’t mention that they sacked me” hyphen hypen talk about Bees in Hackney, he has decided to go into bee keeping and the shed is abuzz with the building of hives.

    His Mum was keen on him “keeping some bees” until he started to lay out the garden for 10 hives, and his local school were ok with a ”small one” fearing the wrath of the PA if one of the pupils were stung and bent over once again in favour of “Elf n Saftee”.

    So with an urge to make a profit and to reconcile the support (on a NIMBY basis) for “local honey” said Vicar kindly offered to make available a corner of the church yard. The graveside flowers will be happy and gives our entrepreneur a ready market on a Sunday morning for parishioners to enjoy with brunch or after a spot of gardening, less a small commission to the roof and organ fund.

    So all well that’s ends well, making every one happy, and the potential for a little amusement if the Bees take an interest in any funerals…….
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