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    USA student's view of accommodation in UK

    Accommodation guide in United Kingdom

    Here is a review of my student life in UK’s accommodation. I have unfortunately spent two of my last years staying with UNITE ( while studying in UK.

    I can summarize my experience with UNITE in one word; RIP-OFF. What these people try to do is first make empty promises in order to cheat you into signing the accommodation contract. They will come up with all sort of beautiful lies saying how wonderful living at their flat is and how friendly the people are.

    And then they will show you the showroom to see what your room will look like. But here is where the swindle begins. You will always be shown the “good” flat where one of their own residence stay. These residence are under UNITE’s payroll. They are normally given part time job by UNITE (i.e. pulling in new tenants, putting on big fake happy face) and they get to stay at UNITE with a big discount!

    Once you’ve been into the “good” flat, you’ll be fooled into thinking that living here will be like one of those American teen movies where everything is happy, cool and hip. If you happen to ask them if the flat will be like these, they will say “Yes, our entire flat are similar” or something indicating that the rooms are as alike.

    Once you sign-up, they will try to add all sort of rubbish fees and charges when you try to leave. Even when your tenancy ends, they will sometime send you letter saying that there is a debt in your account or they forgot to add some fees when you sign the contract. Normally these fake fees are less than your paid deposit. Did I mention that you need to pay a $250 pound deposit? If you argue with them about the malicious fees, they will ask you to call the UNITE center.

    What happens next is even more ridiculous. First of all, the UNITE center phone number is a special rate line. The call charges are $1 per minute!!!!!!!! When I call them I got directed to a machine which explains to me slowly which number to press to get what service. 5 is my unlucky number I suppose. When I did press the number to get the service I want, there is a single beep and then a machine voice saying that the line is busy and you’re in queue 8. I wasted $1 just listening to some stupid machine.

    But it doesn’t end here. One of the people who make fake promises to would be new tenant is the accommodation manager. Once these NAZI accommodation managers are done sucking you dry, you will never see them again! EVER! How do I know this? I make the biggest mistake of staying at the same place twice for two years! I was fooled by their empty promises for better services. And in those two years I’ve seen FIVE different accommodation managers. NOT a single past accommodation manager ever return. One of my friend got cheated by a previous accommodation manager saying that UNITE will give my friend discount if my friend continues to stay next year if my friend sign the contract now. One year later when my friend went back to rebook, my friend was given a different contract, one which cost more.

    My friend explains to the new accommodation manager (devil) that previously one of the accommodation manager (satan) gave my friend discount if my friend continue to stay. The satan even write a letter saying such thing but the new devil said that the satan does not work with UNITE anymore and thus the agreement is void!!!! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!!!

    Well my friend doesn’t stay here anymore and I won’t either. This is a message to the rest of you guys and gals. Even a written letter by one of the UNITE accommodation manager is considered void. BEWARE!!

    But wait, it doesn’t end here. When my friend left, my friend received the deposit via a check for the amount of $109.88. What happen to the remaining $140.12? My friend contacted UNITE and according to them, my friend’s deposit was deducted for damages to the room. What damage? When I help my friend move out, the room was clean and undamaged. My friend asks for a statement detailing what was the damages and repair cost. TWO MONTHS LATER and after six e-mail, seven phone calls and two personal visit to the accommodation manager (each time my friend contact them they say they will send the statement soon or they have to check with UNITE center to determine what the charges was for. They don’t even keep the bills on site!), the accommodation manager finally gave a bill statement by post.

    DO you know what’s in the bill statement?

    Room Repair $140.12

    That’s it!!!!!! That’s what was typed in the fucking bill statement! No explanation of what was damaged. World War 3 officially erupted!! Me and my friend storm the manager’s office one fine day screaming and cursing at them which draw a number of tenants attention. My friend was like RAMBO on steroid, his face was bloody red and his tone was like a jumbo jet. Every time after he says something he will bang the manager’s table. I must admit I was a little sacred of my friend’s behavior but I guess I’ll probably do the same thing if I was in his shoes. To shorten things, after some heated debate (less than two minutes), the accommodation manager make some call and before you know it, the accommodation manager told my friend that UNITE had make a mistake and a refund was on the way.

    At that exact moment I feel like punching the accommodation manager’s face. Why? Because the manager didn’t even try to explain what the charges were for and because of our little scene earlier, my friend was refunded his money. It all seems like UNITE was purposely deducting the deposit from my friend. Needless to say, I think it was four days later; my friend got his refund for $140.12.

    And now ten months later, my tenancy is going to end. If UNITE deducts my deposit without a valid reason I’ll fucking nuke them.

    And this concludes my story on how UNITE rips students off!

    I’ll NEVER do business with UNITE ever again!!!!!

    Originally posted by unite001

    I can summarize my experience with UNITE in one word; RIP-OFF.
    Er - that's two words, university clearly wasted on you - probably American, they abuse the language all the time.


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