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  • Whatever Happened to Common Sense

    It's a common refrain to those over a certain age, to "elf no saftee gorn mad", to earnest manicured and PR trained "senior executives" who smile "well, it's not that simple really".

    Having taken a break from beating idiot leaseholder residents into common sense and mutilating their unfounded and puerile expectations, all of whom in the end said " yes, fair enough", I turned my gaze, and an imaginary cape, to the News.

    Nurses too busy to feed patients- well that's simple because you made them all get degrees and fill in forms and spend more time behind computers, so in the main thats not what they are there for. Care workers do that job, but they aren't accountable to Nurses or Matron or even Ward Managers, and do need to be told to buck up.

    A senior executive says that they can't really respond to "anonymous allegations" so heres a good old fashioned tip with a modern term, "MBWA" management by walking around. Put on some casual clothes to look like a visitor and take a walk at an evening meal time and see for yourself. Wander into the CCTV control room and watch, see Nurses huddled behind admin desk ignoring red lights blinking for attention. As a visitor I had to reconnect a patients VPAP as noone attended the alarm yet 7 were standing at the desk. Nowt of this is about money or cuts it's about attitude- too many sleepwalk through much of the day carrying a cross about how " OMG It's soooo hard...".

    A New BMI model trying to adjust for it's outdated concept.

    Good News I am 6% less likely to explode in the next 30 seconds.
    For my height I should be 11.5 stone. No account of skeletal frame then.....
    And virtually all of the ladies are still officially fat just 3% less so. Unless they are lying about their weight, do women do that ?

    CRB checks and Human Rights
    Apparently the rehabilitation of Offenders means nothing to the old CRB, if you nicked a bike when 11 or like me scrumped apples at 10 somewhere its on the files. But no, liberals call out for mope complicated protections and the civil service say "yeah more money please- that 5 years and yes we'll cock it up".

    Its simple the 84 Act gets updated as to what stays and what goes and what for certain professions or skills needs to stay. Done. A pot of tea and packet of jaffa cakes, some scrap paper and an hour, sorted.

    MPs tell Football To Reform Well I say get your nose out, if it is broken people won't watch or support it. Get back to sorting out the economy stupid.

    Soft Drink Sugar Tax- no!!!! just regulate the amount of sugar in the drinks, period. Consultation? No- 10 tsp a can , heck no, 3- sort it by Christmas Torro Rosso.

    Teachers Strike Fine, Sack'em. New curriculum re hire over the summer and get started. Easy to pop in a TV and lecture to 1000's and pay for teaching assistants ( mandatory year out/grad student work; that'll pay those fees) to help and security guards to drag out the idiots who disrupt, & who get told "behave or we educate you clockwork orange style". They can work 9 to 5.30 get paid properly and only 5 weeks off and can do their "lesson prep and training in school when the kids are off , not term time"

    "Big offshore Firms Avoid Tax"
    - easy option to levy a point of sale tax. An A4 size private members bill

    And with a few words I have cut government activity considerably- lets get this country back on track
    Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.

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    Oi! lha I'm falling out with you re: teachers. I gave up teaching because I worked from 7.45 (checking prep, resources etc), through my breaks and lunch (break duty, marking, sorting out behaviour problems, getting ready for next lessons etc), meetings after school. Get home make tea put children to bed. Marking, lesson preps, find resources etc. and had no time with friends or children. During the 'holidays' if the holiday was one week then it was spent getting records, assessments etc up to date, if 2 weeks then probably got 3 days to do the garden or whatever.

    Working in the holidays is unpaid work.



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      Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

      Albert Einstein (attributed)


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