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  • S21 revision

    By Westminster earlier.

    Beware, the LLZ notes are extremely dodgy (at least for s.21).
    Is it time to get Tom to revise the advice page?
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg

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    I think so too. Most of the links no longer work. (They just get redirected to HM Courts & Tribunals Service, not to the form you wanted.)


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      Originally posted by jta View Post
      By Westminster earlier.

      Is it time to get Tom to revise the advice page?
      He revised it sometime last year (having noted my regular moans, I think) but it's still full of misinformation. It's easier just to warn people off.


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      • Ice served in drinks is not very nice. ?
        The Daily Mail Newspaper ( 19 July 2017 ) reported " the ice served by some leading fast food chains in their soft drinks is contaminated by faecal bacteria, it has been revealed "

        The contamination is likely to have occurred because the ice or ice-making machines have been...
        20-07-2017, 20:16 PM
      • Reply to Ice served in drinks is not very nice. ?
        Freezing bacteria doesn't often kill them, cooking them has a better kill rate.
        Essentially, people need to wash their hands properly and they don't.

        You're meant to wash them while you sing happy birthday twice (slowly) so you do it long enough.
        21-07-2017, 08:38 AM
      • Reply to Ice served in drinks is not very nice. ?
        And its also the same hands which handle the burgers etc.
        20-07-2017, 20:56 PM
      • Reply to Ice served in drinks is not very nice. ?
        I worked in McDonalds and various pubs while doing my A Levels/taking my gap year.

        I still eat in McDonalds (and drink in various pubs, although not the ones I worked in!).

        I DO NOT have ice in drinks anywhere (except home, and I wash the ice trays frequently!) All I can...
        20-07-2017, 20:27 PM
      • Acid attack ?
        Today's big news revealed 408 cases of acid attack and disfigurement of the face since Nov 2016.

        Victims can be scarred for life and suffer huge loss of earning during the remainder of their life.

        Any ideas on how to help the victims ? What is the proper punishment for...
        16-07-2017, 09:26 AM
      • Reply to Acid attack ?
        I agree.

        It doesn't require any change in the law to achieve that, though.
        Being scarred by acid is the same as being scarred with any weapon (if quicker).
        20-07-2017, 15:31 PM
      • Reply to Acid attack ?
        If the victim suffers life time scarring , its fitting for the attacker to be given life time imprisonment.
        20-07-2017, 15:29 PM
      • Reply to Acid attack ?
        I would have put it at GBH with intent which is worse....Corbyn would probably give them a pat on the back and tell them not to be naughty!
        19-07-2017, 13:53 PM
      • Unconscious humour from posters
        It seems to me there is a lot of unconscious humour here, the latest one for me is...........

        Of course I know what he means but his brain seems to be running faster than his typing

        Can I suggest that we post them here when we spot them....
        01-08-2012, 17:16 PM
      • Reply to Unconscious humour from posters
        Thread title:

        While I do like a good sit down myself, I wouldn't go so far as to say I was a fan. (That would sound a bit kinky)....
        19-07-2017, 11:20 AM