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  • F.a.b.

    So Gerry Anderson has passed away to the great big Thunderbird 5 in the Sky.

    It was a huge source of inspiration to me- I did have a Dinky T2 with T4 inside the pod, but I had more fun trying to build them out of Lego, or borrowing my Dad's dress uniform hat and using a coat hanger as a drop down microphone, just like Captain Scarlet.

    Expect that the hat wobbled around on my head!

    As a child it gave me great hope for the future, we had landed on the Moon, and watched it live on tv, I had walked inside a Concord that could fly at mach 2, a mach 6 "blackbird", a real space plane in the Shuttle and a space station.

    No matter what we have achieved since then, I do sometimes think that so much is a refinement of existing technology and wide availability, or realisation of concepts from that Golden Age.

    I still hope that I get to see some of those big concepts come to fruition, that we have more moments of real breakthroughs.

    Anderson may have left us but his dreams are still alive in my head. S.I.G.
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