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    Evening all.

    I think I finally got to the bottom of why my friend has such a large CSA contribution to make. The CSA calculated that he was working 40 hours per week in both his main and 2nd job. The 2nd job is actually only around 20 hours per week. My friend now says that he intends to appeal the assessment based on this.

    However, my friend's ex has been making it difficult for him to see his boys, such that he is now lucky to see them one day a month. I pointed out that the previous assessment was based on the boys spending three nights a week with him, so won't he likely have to contribute even more if this is reassessed?

    Any thoughts?


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      Have a look here - you will get far more accurate information :-)


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        The story of my friend's family has moved on somewhat. G is now nearly 16 and has had to move back to Reading to get him out of the bad company he was keeping in London. He has just recently started back at school here. A, (10) is still in London with his mother M.

        My friend tells me that he is still having to pay full child support for both boys though, because his ex, M won't cooperate with him. The CSA tell him that the mother has to amend the claim, but she won't.

        I would have thought that with one child each, and both parents working, there shouldn't be payments either way, should there? How can my friend get this sorted out?


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          The CSA is closing soon and M will have to reapply for payments through the new scheme and pay Ā£20, or come to an agreement with S on their own, I've only just got my letter about this and can't bring myself to look at it again for a few days as it came as a shock and brought back all the dreadful memories.


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