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    a section 21 notice can not be used if they were not given gas certificated and renters guide when staring, which I know they weren't.
    They still count even if tenant did not notice them.


      1. what would any of this be classed as wear and tear?
      2. Can I charge her for pinching my furniture or at least to cover cost of disposing of the junk she has left behind?
      3. Can I charge for the fact my brand new carpets are removed and replaced with something a fraction of the cost?
      That a landlord would have to ask the questions above, is rather a sick joke in itself, isn't it?


        what is the term remaining on the lease the ground tent
        How long does a tent last?


          Also it *looks* like she has two dogs from social
          Amazing what you can get on National Assistance.


            From a tenant:

            Rent Smart Wales is just another money making scheme for the government, screwing over reputable landlords.


              My landlord has issued me a Sec 21 notice. Once the two months have expired it states I should leave after that date do I have to
              Yup. But any time from two months hence, until the end of time will be 'after the date'.


                Does your tenancy agreement have a clause that says anything about carpet cleaning?
                If not, dispute the charge.
                Ain't it implied?


                  I felt that the judge didn’t seem very keen to give me possession.
                  They will find any excuse not to, in my experience.


                    You need to ask them if they are having sex and to supply photographs to lodge with your usual "Right to Rent" file.
                    The mind boggles.

                    I think that would probably be an unenforceable clause.


                      I received my 2nd no fault possession notice.I'm not going to go into detail at this time about the first. Except to say, we were model tenants
                      LOL. But who is the common denominator each time?

                      If you like the property enough then eat a bit of humble pie and apologise if any offence was caused and ask the landlady to reconsider given your good record.
                      A good record of being evicted?


                        The Landlord seems to have a pretty blaze approach to administrating his tenancies
                        Burning his account books?


                          Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
                          The roofer should be able to confirm what caused it, so that shouldn't be open to dispute.
                          Good luck with that one at small claims court, or deposit adjudication.


                            The landlord is dragging his heals
                            As granny used to say 'It won't get better if you pick at it'.


                              Originally posted by MdeB View Post

                              What do you understand "PI" to be?
                              3.1415926, isn't it?


                                I thought you were saying the PI should be described as PR.
                                It is PR, isn't it?


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                                  I'm wondering how many of you voted for brexit and would you change your mind if you had the chance ? . I didn't vote and I still wouldn't be sure if I would choose leave or remain if we had another chance...
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                                  That's great.

                                  Still no meaningful and definitive list of the proposed benefits anywhere.
                                  Even if only so that in, say, a decade, we can check to see if they've been achieved.

                                  And, given that there are significant concerns about leaving (which aren't countered by labelling...
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                                • Unconscious humour from posters
                                  It seems to me there is a lot of unconscious humour here, the latest one for me is...........

                                  Of course I know what he means but his brain seems to be running faster than his typing

                                  Can I suggest that we post them here when we spot them....
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                                  Poor confused American kids. See video:

                                  'What do we want? Climate Change! When do we want it? Now!'

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                                  It really is not complicated. The UK cannot leave the withdrawal agreement without the EUs permission. Therefore we could be stuck in it forever if we cannot agree on all matters. The EU will decide when and if to release us. If you think that acceptable Marcomia then there is, indeed, no hope and no...
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                                  Is that a euphamism for the landlord? ...
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                                  Far from it.
                                  Withdrawing from the EU at all is not in the best interests of the UK, but if we are going to do so (despite the fact that there are no clear benefits from leaving - at least, none that 'leave' supporters seem able to provide and justify) leaving with a withdrawal deal in place, like...
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                                  But Argentina didn't go bankrupt in the sense that a company did.
                                  Argentina is still there, it recovered and has repaid most of the debt it initially defaulted on.

                                  Again, Zimbabwe is currently restructuring its currency and debt.

                                  Newspapers and other media talk about...
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                                  Sorry, you are wrong.
                                  I have already stated that Argentina went bankrupt, and people could not get their cash out of the banks.

                                  Zimbabwe . In June 2019, the official inflation rate was 97.9%. Because the country is bankrupt.
                                  In June 2009, the rate of inflation
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                                  I know that countries pay interest on their loans (I even mentioned that in my post - that the cost of borrowing varies with the situation the country finds itself in).

                                  But the UK can't go out of business or become bankrupt like a company (and if it did start to wobble, the impact on the...
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