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    Originally posted by JK0 View Post
    Is this in Scotland?
    Mold is a town in Flintshire, North Wales.
    (Not sure about the hous though, that's old English spelling).


      Most tenants won't do that much cleaning in my experience.
      Ain't that the truth.


        From another place, MSE...
        Hi, we moved in to our flat a year ago now. Was given a six month tendency.
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Originally posted by Interlaken View Post
          the judges own paperwork is often missing I find.
          Why would that be? Couldn't be he flushed it down the court toilet before you came in?


            Redress Schemes for landlords to be introduced
            Hooray! Finally landlords get some redress!

            Err, wait...


              As we have been advised you will be getting a pet at the property the monthly NDO cost will be slightly more, please see attached standing order mandate.
              What does 'NDO' stand for?

              'No Dog Order'?


                No deposit option covering pets...
                Isn't that a contradiction in terms?


                  in our fats, the problems started when, leaky, wooden windows were replaced by uPVC and aluminium ones.
                  There's windows in our fats, and leaky ones at that? I'm not sure I want to know the details.
                  I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.


                    maybe you know some reliable plumber for West London :-)
                    That's a three way oxymoron there, isn't it?



                    'WEST LONDON'


                      I can't cause annoyance if playing is audible to other tenants
                      Almost guaranteed to annoy someone, isn't it?


                        Originally posted by DPT57 View Post

                        Who by? The Council? The tenancy hasnt ended. Nothing to stop you going to inspect though. Take an independent witness and a camera if possible
                        Originally posted by Bach View Post

                        Yeah, the council's homeless team l moved the tenant into emergency housing.
                        I'm still confused!


                          you should use FB locks on cupboards to which the brigade may require access.
                          Facebook have never been any good at keeping anything secure. Let alone cupboards. ­čĄú


                            Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
                            You can be 99% confident, but once there's been an accident, that spot is then OK from then on.

                            You have to be realistic about them.
                            Ain't that the truth.


                              if both landlord and tenant do everything by the book, the law is always in favor of the landlord here in the UK.
                              Not in my experience.


                                Mariner asks: "
                                What does he do with the solid waste?"

                                OP reply: "I'm already in touch with ASS, but they just seem to be thumb twiddling."

                                Definitely TMI


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                                • Dog size chart for tenants idea
                                  My statistics for the top 3 breeds, enquiring tenants have in West Yorkshire and can't rent anywhere - Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Rottweiler. German Shepherd.
                                  I personally don't accept pets but year after year I always get the same enquiries from different people; "he's only a small dog...
                                  04-09-2018, 08:15 AM
                                • Reply to Dog size chart for tenants idea
                                  I have just taken back posession of a house used to breed pitbulls, this all despite a no pets policy. The damage is unreal. Starting with the outside the decking has been chewed and what was once a healthy grassed lawn pulled to bits leaving a muddy mess full of holes and dog muck. Brand new external...
                                  23-03-2019, 22:49 PM
                                • Brexit
                                  I'm wondering how many of you voted for brexit and would you change your mind if you had the chance ? . I didn't vote and I still wouldn't be sure if I would choose leave or remain if we had another chance...
                                  30-09-2018, 16:17 PM
                                • Reply to Brexit
                                  Care to summarise that video in a sentence or two? I tried to watch a little but it was so tedious I couldnt....
                                  23-03-2019, 11:00 AM
                                • Reply to Dog size chart for tenants idea
                                  I do not thnk it is cruel. Rather I ask, as I do on other restrictions: Are you in BTL to provide homes or just places to live?

                                  Everyone can quote a worst case scenario, but the fact is that millions up and down the land keep pets with no greater problems than hairs and the odd chewed slipper....
                                  23-03-2019, 10:54 AM
                                • Reply to Brexit
                                  Supermarkets simply cannot store fresh produce so this is far from sorted. Medicines are not "planned for" as the government asked companies to stockpile 6 weeks supplies and told the NHS not to stockpile. There are often medicine shortages anyway as companies decide where they can get the...
                                  23-03-2019, 10:52 AM
                                • Reply to Dog size chart for tenants idea
                                  How about allergies though ... I would not buy a house that had a cat living in it, would not be able to go in my own property to inspect etc without becoming rapidly ill and feeling dreadful for days. Even with antihistamines

                                  Years ago I went to inspect a property (not one of mine) it...
                                  23-03-2019, 08:00 AM
                                • Reply to Brexit
                                  So they have now decided to devote a bit of time to deciding things that they should have planned properly before triggering ArticleArticle 50.

                                  I'm not at all surprised though, the whole thing has been a farce right from the beginning (from before David Cameron even started the motions...
                                  22-03-2019, 14:43 PM
                                • Unconscious humour from posters
                                  It seems to me there is a lot of unconscious humour here, the latest one for me is...........

                                  Of course I know what he means but his brain seems to be running faster than his typing

                                  Can I suggest that we post them here when we spot them....
                                  01-08-2012, 17:16 PM
                                • Reply to Unconscious humour from posters
                                  Sadly, I've never met such a tenant. ...
                                  22-03-2019, 14:40 PM