The Perils of Not Paying Attention

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    The Perils of Not Paying Attention

    Mrs LHA and Youngest LHA set off this morning to purchase frocks for an event tonight for which they are currently buffing scraping and plastering themselves. I as usual, am waiting...

    So after they left, I undertook some housework while wailing along to Peter Gabriel's Secret World live ( sledgehammer etc) only to turn and see one of youngest LHA's friends ( an interchangeable Emma- they are all indistinguishable to me) sharing a video call with aforementioned LHA's with me as the star.

    I had not paid attention when told " LHA, 'An Emma' has stayed over and is sleeping in".

    My "price" of escorting them to said event was to watch Batman today, and I was amused to see that I am not the only male that does pay attention.

    At the cinema foyer,I noticed a chap following his lady while checking his messages. He was simply following her ankles, took a right turn and walked straight into the ladies loo !

    I was told that I could have said something, especially as the LHA's were in that loo. But then I would not have had the fun of all the shrieks, OMG's and a red faced chap running out.

    All that fun and chocolate raisins too. I should less attentive more often.
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    All that fun and chocolate raisins too.
    Shame on you LHA, why didn't you have popcorn?
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