Today 21-6 is the Longest day.. Isn't it?

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    Today 21-6 is the Longest day.. Isn't it?

    The hippies were up all night waiting to party like it's 134 BC but as it's a leap year, the longest day should be the 20th.

    However consulting NASA's astronomical charts, the sunrise sunset times are furthest apart on the 22nd.

    Well that was the discussion over toast etc this morning and we still haven't agreed that I am right and it's tomorrow.

    NASA put chaps on the moon so they have to be right.
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    According to wrongipedia solstice was yesterday...@ 23:09

    But that was 23:09 UT which I think is 00:09 BST 21st June, so today...

    Yeah, I didn't get invited to the hippie free-love party either - still, who'd want to be eh???
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      From the website below (which I must admit I don't know the credibility) the 20th and 21st June were very close (less than a second difference), the longest being... Well it depends how you interpret their notation:


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