Puiblic Transport Timetables for Jubilee- The Silver One.

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    Puiblic Transport Timetables for Jubilee- The Silver One.

    Government services, run or funded, can’t accept there is no such thing as a Sunday in London. Especially today, and even the normally unflappable Mrs LHA was flapped.

    In a spectacular brain fade, some train and tube operators are reported to be operating the normal milk train Sunday service, and in the rain when it’s the least pleasant to wait.

    This is an opportunity for a huge fine and a wake up call. Were she PM the message would go out

    “Right you lot you took the money knowing you would not offer the service, that’s fraud if not theft.
    I want a cheque for every extra ticket sold over your normal average, on my desk by Friday noon, or we arrest every one on the board and management board and union leaders for stupidity, take it over, and put the Navy into drive the trains. Cheques are to be made payable to National Lottery Good Causes.”


    She is not a happy chicken.
    Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.

    She has my sympathy: Judging from your typos life is "interesting" where you are...

    I hate to think what will happen with Olympics. Youngest son & his G/F live about 2 miles from the place where we have all "invested" so much, and a good friend has 11 flats in the old Bryant & May match factory with missiles on the old water tower. Suspect nobody will be going anywhere for 2+ weeks..

    I will refrain from making my usual republican noises & questioning why so many can't see the difference between being "British", patriotism and supporting that family....


    PS Currently in the Highlands of Scotland (lovely weather thank you, sunny if breezy..): Very little bunting etc up except on houses of well-kent Rangers supporters.....
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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