Busted, By Sainsburys

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    Busted, By Sainsburys

    Mrs LHA returning from travels decides we stay in London for Jubilee festivity ( yawn).

    Seeing fridge is not exactly full, save for a lettuce that gave her an evil look, it may very well have had a litter it is protecting it's been there so long, I said

    " Try our luck Sainsburys might have a slot on the flat account."

    All was quiet for a while and items ordered and then the printer runs, followed by the slightly stompy sound of bare feet on boards.

    Uh'oh. Then I feel the heat on my neck akin to several suns. On a hot day. At the Equator.

    In my greed for nectar points in the "Local" it records everything you buy and there on the sheets, were many "banned items".

    I am currently thinking about what I have done, a 48 year old on a time out. All because of their sugary and savoury temptations, darn you Sainsburys !

    Happy "Jubilations" Everybody - I'll join you when I am allowed.
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    Eat fat, get fat...
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