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  • Solicitor Available- Will Work For Food.

    A colleague mentioned this morning the article in the Times about Solicitors bemoaning their loss of income ( and the Legal Aid Fund changes) as County Courts are dealing with roughly 50% of their cases with unrepresented parties.

    The solution is evident if unpopular. Solicitors will have to accept more work for less money or go out of business.

    I know and appreciate the time and investment to attain and maintain professional qualification, but in tough times you have to adapt, and in some cases that means cutting rates, not subsidy.

    There is an opportunity being missed to offer a service at lower rates by reducing overhead by taking on empty unlet offices ( even here in Central London) on service charge only and hiring staff desperate for work.

    This would be an example to many as way to kick start our economy by doing what business should do- seek out your market.

    I would have no problem at seeing a queue of solicitors with briefcases and signs with " Divorce £500 plus expenses" outside a court.

    And I don't think most people would have any sympathy for them.
    Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.

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    Why it should be the case I do not know, but it is my experience that lawyers more than any other profession believe the world not only owes them a living, but a very good living. The time and investment involved in becoming a lawyer is not notably greater than that involved in many other professions and less than some - GPs for example. It is though apparently the case that lawyers have the highest IQs of any profession other than university professors. I do not believe though that one's income should depend on one's I.Q.


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      Cheese on toast for anyone that wants to handle my divorce ?

      We've only been separated (nearly) 10 years
      I'm a good tenant with great landlords
      I'm also a living, breathing, fully cooked female.


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        Of course I know what he means but his brain seems to be running faster than his typing

        Can I suggest that we post them here when we spot them....
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        that's a very clever washing machine....
        22-07-2017, 11:47 AM
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        mind the gap
        Faecal contaminants in ice cubes are probably the least of your problems in fast food outlets. If you knew what goes into some of the food you would not touch it, let alone eat it.
        21-07-2017, 22:25 PM
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        Is your landlord a Vampire?...
        21-07-2017, 18:14 PM
      • Reply to Ice served in drinks is not very nice. ?
        Freezing bacteria doesn't often kill them, cooking them has a better kill rate.
        Essentially, people need to wash their hands properly and they don't.

        You're meant to wash them while you sing happy birthday twice (slowly) so you do it long enough.
        21-07-2017, 08:38 AM
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        And its also the same hands which handle the burgers etc.
        20-07-2017, 20:56 PM
      • Reply to Ice served in drinks is not very nice. ?
        I worked in McDonalds and various pubs while doing my A Levels/taking my gap year.

        I still eat in McDonalds (and drink in various pubs, although not the ones I worked in!).

        I DO NOT have ice in drinks anywhere (except home, and I wash the ice trays frequently!) All I can...
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      • Reply to Acid attack ?
        I agree.

        It doesn't require any change in the law to achieve that, though.
        Being scarred by acid is the same as being scarred with any weapon (if quicker).
        20-07-2017, 15:31 PM