Inventive uses for a computer....

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    Inventive uses for a computer....

    In my 35+ years in the IT industry I don't recall seeing something this inventive for hardware....

    (Beats the old remark about "Have you tried an Internal Modem" "Yes, but it hurt when I walked..."..)


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    What a good job that I'm far too busy to make puns about:
    a. inserting floppies in slot;
    b. rebooting;
    c. going round the back to fiddle with knobs and buttons; and
    d. tools.
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      Hey Cheeky!

      I've heard of the phrase 'slim enough to fit into your pocket', but...

      I liked the funny walk at the end of each 'throw'!

      It seems inspired by the likes of Guy Catches Glasses With Face or A Normal Day 2

      Personally I prefer 'the amazing throwing something into something else trick'
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        Originally posted by tom999 View Post

        It seems inspired by the likes of Guy Catches Glasses With Face
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