How much 'Keep' do I charge my Siblings?

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    Originally posted by DoricPixie View Post
    ash72 I was thinking the opposite. Too cheap and they’ll get too comfortable and never want to leave. Low rent for a short period whilst they save a deposit is one thing but low rent whilst they fritter money away is quite another.
    Thank You I agree completely and this is my dilemma. Too little and they will settle, who wouldn't? Too much and they wont be able to afford their own places. Maybe I'll have a 'Deadline day' talk.


      Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
      Common advice round here (but not always..) is never rent to relatives or friends or any combination (eg friends of relatives). You charge than whatever you like, if they ain't happy they leave or get evicted.

      If total rent in a year more than £7500 then needs declaring and tax on it paid.

      (I'm on 6 benefits).. if you are in receipt of any benefit be aware some may be impacted by renting out part of your home and the income you get thereby
      I agree completely and I would never rent a property to a friend or relative. However this was a mercy call from my siblings and they are in my own home.


        You could sneakily, tell them the rent is x amount, when they leave you hand them back (x - expenses).


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