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    Need a helping hand ?

    This handbill came into my letter box recently.

    Top of handbill asking - Need a helping hand ?

    Borrow from £100 to £1000 if its right for you?

    Bottom of handbill shows "Representative 535.3% APR"

    This must be an excessive over the top interest rate from any lender .

    Have a search for payday loans, over 1000% APR is commonplace.


      I thought the government was going to outlaw this practice.


        The problem is that APR's were meant for comparing long term loans such as mortgages.

        For short term loans like payday loans paid back within a month they don't reflect the true interest situation and so look ridiculously high.

        Payday loans and the like work on a monthly interest, not an APR.

        If you borrow £100 for a month (or part of a month) and pay back £120 at the end of the month then that's 20% interest and not 500+% interest, but it's the calculated APR that they have to put on their documents by law.

        If you don't pay it back at the end of the month then it's 20% on £120 for the next month, and so on each month compounding up, which is how the calculated APR builds up so high.
        (The major payday lenders are very careful these days not to lend to someone who won't be able to pay it back at the end of the month).


          I thought there was a legal limit of 100% so that the interest charged could not exceed the loan amount in one year.


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            I'm still amazed at the number of people returning from "red countries" seemingly paying £2,300 to stay locked in a hotel room for 11 nights - why would they?

            IF the Country I'd visited was, or moved to, a "red Country", I would be looking for a green or amber one which...
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          • Reply to Quarantine - Why Would You ?
            by landlord-man
            A) i wouldn't be in a red country to begin with - they dont change to red overnight, so always time to get out.

            B) As above, why would you stay somewhere without being able to get a vaccination

            Sorry, but only you to blame for not sorting it out 3, 6 or 12 months ago....
            25-09-2021, 08:32 AM
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            I am one of the customers whose utility company has gone bust, so Im pretty sure my bills will be going up. I can afford this, but many people look on course for a difficult winter with a reduction of UC, increase in utility bills & food prices probably going up because of shortages & Brexit....
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            BTW, when a company like British Gas takes on an account, they're allowed to recoup the cost of migration (a few hundred pounds per customer) in their tariffs over the next months (from every customer, not just the one's being migrated), so it's very lucrative for them and adds more cost to the consumer...
            24-09-2021, 09:05 AM
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            by jpkeates
            The price of the raw materials have shot up and the consumer picks up the increased price.
            The question is, does the government intervene to subsidise the consumer or does it let the market operate freely.
            And if it does intervene, does it do it by running the utility companies or injecting...
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            I am in a red Country myself and trying to get back to the U.K.
            The problem with your suggestion ; Being in a Red zone Country , you need to find a green/amber Country that will let you in.
            Some Green/Amber Countries do not allow tourists to enter/need to be fully vaccinated/need to...
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          • Reply to How to reduce energy bills by 25%
            by Gordon999
            Also Government should waive the 5% VAT and let the energy gas company keep it.
            23-09-2021, 20:09 PM
          • Reply to Quarantine - Why Would You ?
            by Gordon999
            Much safer to get double vaccinated and stay at home. Save money to pay the gas bills.

            BBC reported the Health Minister saying .- 99% of covid deaths in the first 6 months of 2021 were persons who were not vaccinated.
            23-09-2021, 19:59 PM
          • Reply to The Great Reset
            by JK0
            I completely agree.

            Problem is that no-one thought Bojo was a born again greenie when they voted for him. I believe he is getting his orders elsewhere than from the British electorate....
            23-09-2021, 13:21 PM