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    Ebay again :(

    A few years ago I told you guys about something I bid for on ebay that I got for a ridiculously low price. The seller was obviously annoyed and 'accidentally' smashed it when he was packing it, so I got my 99p refunded.

    Recently I bid for a designer watch for gf, and amazingly won the auction at the opening bid. Needless to say, it has not been posted, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's another item like the 99p one.

    Does ebay actually allow people to auction things at a low starting bid to drum up interest, but withdraw the item if they don't get enough money for it? There were no screen messages about not meeting its reserve, which you sometimes see.

    Why would you?


      I had exactly the same 20 years ago - I won some jewellery at a very low price and it was suddenly out of stock! I left negative feedback!


        Originally posted by JK0 View Post
        Does ebay actually allow people to auction things at a low starting bid to drum up interest, but withdraw the item if they don't get enough money for it?
        People aren't supposed to do that, but ebay does nothing but give an automated refund.

        I'm not sure that they really look at things any more - I've tried reporting auctions that say in red letters 'this isn't the real price so we can avoid ebay fees'... and nothing happens.


          Some years ago I acquired a load of royal-related paperwork from my late Aunt's estate. Included were some 40 Xmas cards signed by Liz & Phil. Gave a few to friends & relos then sold the rest on eBay.

          One at a time: So basically the same item each time: Prices weird - between £120+ & £11. No logical explanation of why differences I could see. Of course I sent them, the right thing to do...

          Just cot one back from my late brother's house...

          All trade is susceptible to seller changing their mind for suspect reasons.. Least not landlords (like me..) declining offer from prospective tenants for reasons we choose to not voice..

          Don't think there's a genuine "Free market" for anything anywhere (... discuss....)
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            If it had a reserve you'd know.
            In this case the seller can file some reason or other (whoops, its damaged) with ebay for not sending it. Technically they keep a tally but for the occasional seller there's no consequence. I'm reasonably sure I may have even done the same in the past to my eternal shame, not paying attention to a listing and something subsequently selling for a couple of quid it wasn't worth the aggro packaging and queuing at the the post office.


              On the flip side, I can't recall the procedure, but when I once won a golf bag trolley for 99p (I'm terrible at the game and had little interest so wasn't going to spend loads on it) but the seller was loathe to let it go for that.

              I was able to ask ebay for their contact details citing their silence. They gave me her home phone number (ebay tells the seller you've got it). She never answered but immediately agreed to me to collect it, from the end of her drive...


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