Mask wearing should be continue.

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  • ExpertInAField
    There are other issues that it can cause other than just death. I know someone personally who caught it about a year ago.

    Before he was a super fit muscle gym guy. Now he is just a shadow of his former self, looks so gaunt and thin. Can barely walk anywhere now.

    This is what worries me, is what if I am physically incapable of living from day to day.

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  • Gordon999
    started a topic Mask wearing should be continue.

    Mask wearing should be continue.

    Boris is lifting covid restrictions for double jabbers. And to wear or not to wear a mask is to become a personal choice.

    But mask wearing is supposed to protect other people near you from infection. So if mask wearing is not compulsory in crowded areas and public transport , this will become the mobile hot spots for infection spreading .

    The right time to stop compulsory mask wearing in public areas , is when the reported hospital cases for covid is down to zero.

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