Goodbye Private Rental Sector.

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    Goodbye Private Rental Sector.

    Some of you will know I've been in the process of applying for Social Housing, a 1-bed GF flat.

    Today I got an email with the 'Offer of Housing' letter attached.
    All referencing and checks done - The flat is mine, if I still want it after a video viewing which they have yet to send me.
    Should be fine it's just round the corner and only built 20 years ago. (I remember them still being built when I first moved here).

    No deposit, only one weeks rent needed in advance.
    Unfurnished of course, but I've got everything I need except for a cooker and I can manage with an electric steamer and microwave for a while.

    Busy days ahead, lots to think about and do.

    First things first - pub to celebrate.

    Hope the viewing goes well!
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Excellent news ­čśÇ


        Excellent news. Do be prepared for repairs to take significantly longer than the PRS, in all seriousness well done on getting the tenancy x


          Originally posted by Claymore View Post
          Do be prepared for repairs to take significantly longer than the PRS,
          thspitcoffee.gif that's one, well the main, reason I'm moving.

          It's taken my private landlord 2-1/2 years to to date, to not yet replace 3 rotten window frames that are loose in the brickwork with one on the point of falling out.
          Repeated promises but no action, not even any excuses..

          Repairing a 600mmx600mm hole in the bedroom floor following dry rot treatment took 2 years and has just 3 weeks ago been bodged with grooved external decking rather than floor boarding. A section of skirting was also replaced, but not yet painted.

          Don't even ask about the penetrating damp on the back wall of the same bedroom.
          (The plasterboard is touching an old bricked up windowsill and water is penetrating that way and has been for the 10 years I've been here. Last year the guttering started to leak and water was also running down the inside of a different wall).

          Did I mention the Buddleia bush/tree growing out of the first floor 'leaded' ledge at the front?
          (I've almost fallen out of the upstairs window a couple of times when trying to cut it back).

          OK it is a 400 year old building so you can expect some issues, but not them being ignored when reported.

          And it's not just me, I know he's the same with his other tenanted and commercial rentals.
          I wouldn't go as far as saying he's a bad LL, he just doesn't like parting with money for needed repairs which to me is short sighted as it's his property that's suffering.

          All factors in my wanting to get out and into social housing.

          I do feel a bit sorry for my sharer who would be the only one left here of the 3 original sharers.
          But he's said that when I go he's also moving out, due to covid he's only here 2-3 days a week for work anyway.

          Whilst I know that HA workmen aren't reknowned for being fast I do know others who rent from this particular HA and apparently they are pretty good and quick on repairs when reported.


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