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    Doggy passport?

    Since the horror of imagining puppies in my rentals I've been thinking about dogs. Whilst I am really against refusing to let to tenants with dogs (or other pets, but more especially dogs at the moment) I'm also really against letting to tenants with dogs due to damage and mess caused in the past.

    What do landlords do to ensure their tenants' dogs are suitable for the property? And if you're a tenant how do you persuade your landlord to let to you with a dog?

    Do landlords charge more rent per dog?

    I'm wondering if some kind of pet passport might be a start e.g. a vet's record of neutering, flea and worm treatment etc.

    Do you think letting without the requirement for the landlord to replace carpets though out the tenancy might be a compromise? (I've got a property coming up soon with vinyl in the living room, kitchen, hall and bathroom, but the other rooms and stairs are carpeted)

    This particular property has a small concreted yard but there is a shared alley at the back - ideal for letting dogs poo and not bothering to clean up after.

    What are your thoughts for or against pets, specifically dogs?

    If you are the landlord of a rental property, you would not rent to anyone who is unable to pay the rent.

    So don't rent to anyone with a dog.


      There is no "requirement for the landlord to replace carpets though out the tenancy" anyway. So that's hardly a "compromise".

      Once you agree to pets it is hard to control what those pets are.

      If you want to accept pets you should calculate the REALISTIC cost - bank on 5K of damage if fully furnished, 2K if not furnished, and also the cost of having difficulty letting to anyone with either no-pets or with children in the future (if pesticides are required). Then add that amount to your rent divided by say 12 months. If they are still there and civilised in 12 months you could moderate the rent.

      Seems you have been bitten in the past, but not shy.

      I love dogs, but I'm afraid that in the absence of the ability to have the lease upheld or to evict, or to recover costs, I wouldn't take a tenant who even mentions a pet. Otherwise I would (for some properties)


        I think your best option is to make an excuse to visit them in their current home. I find the type of tenant who has well behaved children usually have well behaved pets too. So far the two legged occupants have caused more damage than any 4 legged one. I use cheap carpets which are usually replaced between tenancies anyway. If it was fully furnished I would be less likely to allow them.


          It is generally a LLs market at the moment so you can choose your tenant. I choose not to have dogs - just too risky.


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