Anyone work from home?

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    Anyone work from home?

    I've recently semi-retired (52) with 4 rental properties but Im BORED lol

    Anyone tried the work from home call centre jobs?

    Currently in process of signing with one and (due to being a LL lol) I do have warning flags.

    I have found references for the work which confirm the NMW (just) earnings and flexibility of the part-time hours (you select your hours 2 weeks ahead).

    You must work 20 hours a week but can do more. Pay goes into bank every 2 weeks.

    You are self-employed which isnt an issue as having the rentals lumps it all together anyway.

    You do have to do 40 hours of unpaid training and ensure you have some basic equipment to do the job.

    Basically, Im taking it slowly to watch for any catches but just curious if anyone else is doing this type of work?

    Sounds like a cold calling job.

    Very high staff turnover, because it's a souless task for poor wages.

    Have you considered volunteer charity work?
    No money but much more rewarding.


      That's just it though - its handling incoming calls only.

      Its an actual hourly rate too - with a small sales target but mainly focussed on customer service and order taking rather than selling.

      There are two companies available to work for at present - Nespresso (taking phone orders, handling enquiries and (for a higher wage) handling tech support) - and then there's NPower taking meter reads and bill enquiries on incoming calls.

      There is a 3rd company but thats booking holidays ie timeshare so thats a no-no for me lol

      The jobs do appear genuine - just curious if anyone had any experience of them


        Other than the unpaid training, doesn't sound too bad actually.
        I'd be interested in your experience.

        I'd guess more and more "call centres" will start to operate like this, the pandemic may have some plusses.
        The call centre for our local council were all working happily from home and they answered the phone much quicker than normal and sounded much happier than usual.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          If it works out, I might put the wife down for 20 hours a week - so I can go watch TV in peace lol


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