Fleeced by fake tax man .

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    Fleeced by fake tax man .

    This story was reported by Daily Mail Last year ( 17 March 2019) .


    " The conmen behind a scam robbing taxpayers of millions of pounds can be exposed by the Daily Mail today.

    Working from a ramshackle office in India, they pose as HMRC officials to terrorise up to 10,000 Britons a day.

    Victims are told they owe tax and face arrest and imprisonment if they do not pay up instantly. Some have lost as much as £20,000 ".

    HMRC staff dealt with 330 repayment fraud cases a day in the six months to January – 60,000 in all and 360 per cent up on the previous half-year. Not all the victims will have come forward."

    The fraudsters boasted they did not fear being tracked down by British authorities. But the Mail has passed details of the Ahmedabad-based gang to Indian police who have pledged action.

    HMRC investigators have also asked to see our evidence. Our investigation also revealed that:
    • Indian scam call centres are involved in more than one in ten reported frauds in the UK;
    • Men using just laptops and the BT phonebook are making hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from UK victims;
    • Many are tricked into making multiple bank payments after being told the original transfer did not go through;
    • The gang buys British phone numbers – even copying the HMRC phone number – to make the scam appear genuine;
    • Fraudsters operating overseas request payments into British bank accounts including NatWest to make them appear authentic.
    If you received a call from Tax Office, would you pay up without seeing any statement from HMRC ?

    This news clip appeared in Daily Mail on 1st July 2020.

    "Self-employed workers are being targeted by a new text scam in which fraudsters pose as HMRC offering tax refunds.

    The scam tells the recipients to apply online via ukservice.org and is designed to hack victims passport details, address and bank details, according to Griffin Law".


      Funnily enough my partner had a message from the 'HMRC' this morning saying he needed to make payment to avoid an arrest warrant. The tax return was done 5 days ago. We were busy otherwise we could have had some fun. Like the 'do you wish to make a claim after your recent accident?' We got all the way past the reg no B0LL5 to it's a Maserati at which point they hung up. I don't know why he didn't believe I had a Maserati! Seriously I think he typed in the number then actually looked at what he typed 🤔😝


        Last Friday I had a personal best of 5 calls.
        One from "BT Openreach" about suspicious traffic from my IP address.
        One from "Sky" about the same thing.
        One from "Amazon" saying my account was about to be debited for a renewal.
        One from my "credit card provider" (generic) about some suspicious transactions.
        One from "Microsoft" about problems with my PC.

        And two from the same company (I think) offering free boilers (I don't have gas connected to my house).
        I'm registered with the TPS and have a call blocking function on my phone.

        The best attempts were two people about six month's apart who said they were Detectives and wanted to confirm that I hadn't authorised someone with my surname to use my debit card to buy a computer.
        The first time I was completely taken in, but something about what I was saying must have made the caller suspicious and he suddenly hung up.
        Which surprised me, and when no one called back I started to realise I'd been taken in.

        And when it happened again, last month, I told DC Knowles that it had happened a few months ago and did his system show a DC Cole with this badge number, and he just swore and hung up.

        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          I got a call
          from them today . Saying I would be arrested if I didn’t press ‘1’ . Not very convincing


            I half hoped they would come and arrest my partner . . . must be the lockdown effect 🤣


              Depends on your age, my mother in law lost all the life savings.
              we had discussions with her about conman etc, that they could pretend to be who ever. But hey


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