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    Price at Asda Petrol Station In Collindale, N london is £1.09 / litre but Shell Petrol Station on Kenton Road charging £1.16 / litre.

    So price looks to be creeping up.


      The shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline in USA after attack by cyberware , has caused the price of petrol charged at filling stations to rise above US $3 per gallon which is about £2.20 for 4 litres petrol.

      So in USA, they seem to be paying roughly £0.55 per litre which is only half of the price level that UK drivers have to pay.


        With the introduction of V.A.T petrol price included purchase tax, but Gov. added V.A.T. to the existing prices including the purchase tax.

        They should at least take off the original purchase tax, but they won't because we import petrol, and send money out of the country.

        Get back to the days of 3/6d three shillings and six pence per gallon ( when i first saw a petrol pump close up before I could drive ) thats 18 new pence in todays money
        and about 4 new pence per litre.

        Pence now, when coins introduced on decimalisation, were printed with words "New pence"
        pic shows 1/7d - 1 shilling and 7 pence.



          Wow , less than 2 shilling per gallon must be during the days before the working classes could afford to run a car.


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