Youtube unwatchable after power cut

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    Youtube unwatchable after power cut

    We never had the power cut here in Reading. However since then, my broadband has been at best half speed, and most of the time about a tenth of the usual speed. Youtube goes down to 240 p, and I keep trying to clean my glasses thinking they are smeared.

    Anyone else similarly effected? Is there any cure?

    (I have turned everything off and on again several times, but it makes no difference.)

    You may not have been affected, but your broadband service provider may have been.

    If they had the power cut then their equipment would have switched to alternative power, usually big rechargable batteries known as uninterruptible power supplies.

    When that happens then the equipment would automatically restrict connection speeds etc. to conserve the battery power, because they would have no idea how long the power would be off for.
    (A bit like your phone or laptop going into low battery moder, dimming the screen and so on to save power).

    Once the power is restored then it may take a while (hours or even days) for the backup batteries to be recahrged and for the connection speeds to be reset to normal.
    Depending on the type of equipment in use they may even have to log onto the servers and reset them manually.


      I would report it to your broadband supplier. Things may be different now but when mine did this a couple of years ago they had to do something to restore it to the previous speed.


        Much of Youtube starts off pretty unwatchable.

        My "rural broadband" is rubbish, so perhaps the government has decided to level the playing field between towns and cities in an innovative way by crippling the service available in urban areas?
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          Not that this is the cause, but de-fragment your hard disk, as things that should have been saved once you finish a software program ( Internet browser ) have not been saved.
          And you should do this every month.
          Don't run any programmes, or use computer while de-fragmenting.
          Preferably disable your screen saver and hibernating function. Don't want it hibernating half way through de-fragmenting, now do we ?

          Also, our router instructions state that it takes a while to find the best speeds, and that optimum speed may not be obtained for a few weeks, so maybe that has been reset ( inadvertently ) as well.


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