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    Lodger situation


    first thing apologies if this is the wrong section where to post it but I was not sure.

    This is the dilemma: we have a spare bedroom in our flat with an en suite which we rent out. For ten years things have always worked pretty well but with the last lodger I am at a loss.

    He is a nice guy, no problem with the rent but he NEVER goes out and he has not realized that sometime it would be good to let us enjoy the living room.

    I am aware that having a lodger comes with a loss of privacy; all the other lodgers in the past got it so without the need to state that out some days they would let us staying in the living room and viceversa and sometime we would share it maybe watching a movie and/or having dinner together. This guy has not really got it as he is always in there plus in three months he has gone out only once.

    I have tried to have a chat with him asking whether he is experiencing difficulties with living in a new city and he said that he is just an introvert and when he goes out it takes him a week to recover. On the top of this he said to me that now he will be working from home at least twice a week.

    I honestly don't know what to do: I feel bad in kicking him out but his presence in our flat has become very intrusive.

    Any thoughts on how to handle this?

    Give him notice. Circumstances are changing or some such excuse.


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