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    One thing after another...

    You guys may remember I am presently re-tiling the bathroom of my first Reading rental flat which fell vacant in Feb. Since I got the place cleaned up, I have had to replace a shower head, a window handle, the hob, the dishwasher, the worktop, the bathroom boxing, and for good measure the bathroom plasterboard.

    Two weeks ago I went over to start work and heard the water softener regenerating itself. It never stopped though, so after about half an hour I called Harveys to repair it. They showed up on Thursday, and charged me £471 for re-building the thing. Today I noticed the airing cupboard housing the softener was still wet, so investigated further. Oh, for goodness sake... Now the hot water cylinder is leaking!

    Hey ho...

    At least when you do get round to lettting it out you'll know that everything is in good condition. LOL.


      Thanks Nukecad.

      Unfortunately the hot water tank is pressurised, so I have to get a tradesman to replace it. That's a stressful process, as tradesmen don't seem to like me. Not sure if it's my looks, or that they can tell they won't be able to bullsh*t me.

      I met two tradesmen to quote for things last week, and both said they would respond as soon as they got home. Not a dickie bird so far...

      Hey ho, again...


        Blinkin' ek JKO! You've replaced the dishwasher? A dishwasher in my house is a family member - usually the one that's just gone to uni . What's a water softener? I just tried to beat my water to death but it didn't make any difference - it's still flopping around the place.


          Another softener today!

          Good grief. I guess I should not be surprised, as these softeners I bought nine years ago all seem to be packing up at once. The engineer told me that the resin is held in a stainless steel mesh, which corrodes and releases the resin into the drain.

          I'm wondering if some of it ends up in the hot water tank, as this flat's tank had trouble last week also.


            They are pretty expensive but weve fitted some in line aquabion water softeners which soften the water over a ten year life span. They are supposed to make the appliances last longer without any salt or maintenance. Ill let you know how they function but there is nothing to go wrong


              After the plumber finished the hot water tank this week, he mentioned that the ensuite toilet was running constantly. Now I have to take that apart to replace the ballvalve. This place begins to remind me of this old song:


                Very good. Old ones always the best


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