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    I am an SE T and been worrying about the MIF since hearing about it in 2013. But hope is that someone will judicial review it on discrimination grounds, (see fb UC and SE group for info) and that could lead to them changing it or abandoning it altogether, hopefully not before too long and before they start migrating people over to UC!


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      That's accruals basis accounting, which Berlingogirl say that the UC people won't accept, whereas HMRC prefer it, and insist on it for companies.
      When I pay my insurances i pay them all in the same month which will totally wipe out any income so I've no chance of meeting the MIF for that month, but I would if accounts were taken yearly by UC. At the moment there's no carry forward of any earnings over the MIF to the next month. I'll have to arrange a loan (from Mother) and pay it back month by month. How loopy is that?



        It's all just bonkers for the SE. I can see us all slipping through the net, only using cash and going underground.


          I guess that's what they used to do before tax credits. The problem is that a lot of lower income SE are there for a reason eg restrictions due to caring responsibilities and long term health problems. These will end up having to quit SE as difficult to meet their MIF. In the absence of finding employment suitable for their circumstances will then just end up long term unemployed/claiming disability under UC and not doing anything.


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            Now why would my last post suddenly go "Unapproved"
            Automatic spam detection software, probably all those links triggered it. Please send me a PM in future.
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