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    Sliding Doors

    No not the film...

    Was wondering if anyone has had slide and pivot (or slide and fold or slide and swing) doors installed?

    We are looking at what to plan to put in to a forthcoming extension, which will have a full width opening at the back of the house.

    Bifold doors are heavy, bulky, take up patio space and have big frames.

    Sliding doors are better for sightlines but you obviously can't have the whole back open at the same time.

    Slide and pivot seem to be almost the best of both worlds.

    However, they get mixed reviews out there. Does anyone have any real world experience of them?


    Shows how off beam I am; I read "sliding doors" and thought of that wonderful film, hence a sliding doors moment much life might have changed if I had just caught that train

    don't klnow slide and pivot.


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