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    Video record meter readings

    I had a new tenancy start last week. Of course I need to be able to prove that the smoke alarm was present and working at the start, so I video recorded that day's newspaper at the start of the recording before testing the alarm. Then, I thought I might as well video the meter readings as well. This is a modern meter where you cycle through the readings by pressing a blue button. I just noticed on the recording, that one of the readings was the date, so I did not even need the newspaper.

    Of course the date on the meter precludes any claim by a tenant that you came in with an old paper while they were out, and staged the filming. Handy, eh?

    was it the Sunday Sport newspaper by any chance?

    Hope you've done a proper reference check. Lot of weirdo's out there


      I think if I was a Sport reader, I'd go and buy a Telegraph that day, lest the judge look down on me.


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